I finally got around to watching the pilot episode of Bionic Woman. It sucked. Totally sucked. I taped the second episode and I think I'm just going to delete it unwatched. This show, despite what seems like a very sizable budget, can't muster even one likable character. After seeing that first show, all I could think is that all those characters really deserved one another.

And if you want to go beyond unlikable characters, the plot premise is pretty slipshod, special effects are second rate, character motivation and personality realism are quite lacking. Anybody like the show?


Into the Light said…
I didn't want to watch it, so I didn't. Perhaps if they'd chosen an actress a little less gorgeous (who's not going to notice her?), I'd have given it a shot, but probably not. I really don't like remakes.

I haven't given up on any show yet this season (though I haven't seen the second episode of many of them yet), but will probably give up Moonlight soon. It's too dark for me and is on opposite Friday Night Lights. FNL is on at a bad time though, so I'm worried about it's ratings. People who care about high-school football are at football games Friday nights, not home watching a show about it. Hmmmm....
kenju said…
Thanks for the review. I had not planned to watch it anyway.

The mushroom is very nice! I need to get into the woods more often.
SassyAssy said…
I couldn't bring myself to watch it and sounds like it was a good call.
Used*to*be*me said…
I didn't even try to watch it.
Bob-kat said…
They remade the Bionic Woman? Why? I used to watch the show as a kid but I'm not really interested in a remake. Have they run out of new ideas or something?

Like the pic of the mushroom though :)
Shephard said…
No one seems to like the show. In fact, I'm not even sure NBC likes it, because after the premiere, they REMOVED a giant poster ad that covered the side of the studio, and replaced it with one for another show. I immediately saw that as an omen.

MissMeliss said…
Watched the pilot. Could not get into it. I'm fine with violence if there's a point, but this was all punch, no plot.

And I agree with you that there are no likable characters.

I can't even like Miguel Ferrer, whose performances I usually enjoy.

Fuzzy caught ep 2, I think, but didn't seem particularly impressed by it.
Carmi said…
I look at this picture and I immediately think of The Jetsons. Great capture, as always.

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