leapin' lizards

Slow day here at the lake. My back is still bothering me so I took a tentative stab at kayaking today. I only went out for a bit, though it did turn out to last 2 hours. No problems paddling but carrying the damn thing down the hill to the lake was less than pleasant. Still, the paddling actually seemed to help the way my muscles in my lower back felt. Therapy a la kayaking? Maybe.

The picture above is a reptilian visitor I saw while reading a book in the living room. I grabbed a camera and took a few shots of him--then tried to keep from startling him when I went outside for a better look at him and his scaly self.

As you can see below, he was a wonderful model. He wouldn't do that neck puffing mating ritual while I was watching but he did allow my camera lens to get within 6 inches of his face.


MissMeliss said…
Yay, lizards!

That's a great shot - how nice of your model to be so cooperative. And he's even dressed in fall colors.
kenju said…
He's a handsome devil, Dave. Does he have a name?
SassyAssy said…
What lovely pictures you are sharing! I think lizards are quite cute!
Michael Manning said…
Wow! I call that "being at the right place, at the right time with your camera, Utenzi!
GA Girl said…
He looks prehistoric! Hope your back is better soon.
rosemary said…
Good for the kayaking...YIKES to the Lizard
Smug said…
I can't imagine why he did not feel like doing his mating dance for you?? I would think that all lizards would want to mate with you :)

Just kidding - I am just so jealous of your vacation - Cool Pictures!!

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