The high price of kisses

I re-injured my back on Sunday and to help console myself I went on a candy run. The results can be seen below--but the bad news is that I discovered signs of dastardly doing as a consequence of this shopping.

I always thought Shephard over at Shephard's Alley was a pretty nice guy. No more! He's dead to me--and it's all over some thoughtless kisses.

As you might expect, there's a little history here. You see, last week I thought Shephard was doing humanity a big favor by removing a toxic substance from store shelves where it might harm innocent folk. And he tried to enlist the help of the blogging community. In his own words:

These are absolutely disgusting. Please, if you bought them, trust me, you'll hate them. Just send them to me, and I'll get rid of them for you. Don't thank me, it's the least I could do.

Well, as the more cynical and suspicious folk out there might have suspected, that Shephard had an ulterior motive! An agenda. You see, in my innocence I bought a bag of these kisses and intended to mail it to that devious Shephard so he could destroy them. But as I was in the act of wrapping the damn things, I inadvertently happened to sniff the bag. Shephard hadn't mentioned that heavenly scent coming from them... hmmm.

I was soon mindlessly sniffing the bag and quickly procured a handy knife and slit open the bag. All thoughts of destroying these wonderful angelic kisses from Hershey PA soon left my mind. What little control I had left quickly evaporated once I had one in my mouth. I hadn't tasted anything this good since last June.

While I resent Shephard a little for trying to keep these all to himself, I must admit I have a deep dept of gratitude to him for giving me a heads up on their existence. So thanks for the kisses, Shephard-- Cherry Cordial Kisses are to die for.

The smell reminds me a lot of the filling inside chocolate covered cherries and that's one of my favorite candies. Yum! I must warn you tho--these are very sweet. They cost me $3.94 for a 18.8 ounce bag at Wal-mart. I'd had one other flavor in this line a few months ago, Coconut Creme, and while I normally love coconut flavor those things were gross. I actually threw out over half the bag. I threw out candy. It was like being in an alternate reality!

As for the title, the high price I refer to is trust. Some people just desire that delectable taste too much and will do anything to keep tasting it. Pity y'know?


Into the Light said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Smug said…
What did you eat last June that was so good?
Shephard said…
LOL. My plot is unmasked!
I must run to the store and buy up as many bags as I can before the media are alerted!

(I've heard rumors about raspberry chocolate kisses too... but thus far, they've been elusive)

SassyAssy said…
Sign me up for the raspberry chocolate favorite combo! You can keep all the cherry cordial to yourself my dear Utenzi. If I come across any, I will buy them up for you!

You would think all that sugar would sweeten you up ;).
Ivy said…
Those sound great! And sorry about your back! Hubby did the same thing and was at the drs office today for a nice shot in his bum to relieve the pain and swelling..
Nikki-ann said…
While in Ieper (Beligum) over the weekend I wandered into a chocolate shop... Oh, the delicious smell! Shame I can only enjoy the smell and not the taste, but I'm sure Mum will enjoy the box of chocolates I bought for her!
kenju said…
Dave, I want to be the first person you tell when the doctor finds you with elevated blood sugar! It shouldn't be too long in coming.

If I can find raspberry kisses, it's all over! I'll buy them all.

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