Gloomy skies and not enough water

We've gotten a little rain in the past 24 hours. According to the rain gauge on the deck it's been 0.28 inches. As you can probably guess, it's not enough to help much.

I did some kayaking this morning and took a few pictures.

As you can see here, it was quite overcast. There were huge rainstorms south of us but I only got caught in a few slight showers. As so often happens, the rain avoided the lake and just fell on the regions around the lake. Weird.

The picture of the left illustrates the gloomy gray sky--but it also points out how low the water is. Normally the water is up to the edge of those pine trees. Now the trees are 30 feet away and over 10 feet higher than the kayak I was in. The lake level is down 10'8" from where it was 2 years ago.

On the plus side though, this area--due to the huge lake--doesn't have any watering restrictions. A couple hours to the West is Atlanta which is down to a two month supply of water in Lake Lanier. And where I live in NC the entire state is under water restrictions. I have a well--which if it runs dry--I got nothing. Weather is so strange!

This picture illustrates how dire the water level is for folk in shallow inlets.

All three of these docks are high and dry---and there's another 12 homes further in the channel. I doubt they've had water for their boats in 6 months.

The only good thing about this inlet was the pretty heron I saw next to one of the docks.


You always post such great photos, Dave!
kenju said…
Dave, we got more rain than that today and we expect more tomorrow. I never thought I'd be so happy to see rain and thunderstorms!
Ivy said…
The water has been really low here too.. My inlaws have been hoping for rain so that they could put their canoers (they own a canoe business) in the creek.. The creek is so low you'd have to carry a canoe down it..
Deana said…
Really nice photos.....

This is our dryest year on record too. But the past few days have been rained filled for us. My poor parents live 10 miles from me and they still haven't gotten all the showers I have. I hope this will save the grass we've planted yet again. I told Martin that we just can't keep putting all this money in grass that keeps dying.

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