A gift

A few weeks ago I received a gift in the mail.

I was quite surprised and gratified to receive it. The unexpected gift, as you can see in the picture to the left, was a shower curtain.

There's a little history behind this. Chris, my last girlfriend, has remarked on a number of occasions that my master bathroom really needed a new shower curtain. The one that was in there was really the wrong color for the room, you see. And Chris, having a good eye for decoration, told me that I needed a deep red shower curtain and then to add some metallic paint as a layer over the red paint already on the walls.

I've not done the painting yet but thanks to Chris' gift, the shower curtain part is done. What made this so surprising is that Chris had broken up with me nearly a month before.

This is what it looks like hanging up.

Chris even bought it on sale, which is rather uncharacteristic for her, and something I tried very hard to encourage in her. I do hate paying retail!

Since I just put the curtain up tonight --yes, even though I've had it for weeks and weeks -- I'm not sure exactly what I'll do with the walls yet. I'll probably end up taking Chris' advice and give a light treatment of pewter colored metallic paint on top of the existing red paint.


SassyAssy said…
fancy! me likey!!!! this replaced that flowery thing didn't it? much more attractive.
utenzi said…
Hi Me Likey. My name is Dave. Where are you from?
rosemary said…
Much better than the 60's look....that sounds like a lot of red...is the bathroom big?
Into the Light said…
Though I'm sure the new shower curtain is an improvement, I don't like the red in the bathroom to begin with. You were supposed to eliminate the red, not accessorize it!
Shephard said…
Red is a bold and fun color. It does scare some people though. I like working with metallics too. Sounds like it'll look great when you get it done. ~S

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