damn statistics

The lovely Tiff over at No Accent Yet got me to thinking about Blog stats today due to her post about that very subject. Yes, I wasn't making a huge cognitive jump there.

So I looked up what's been going on with my blog over the past 2 years. I seem to be losing the interest of the masses! Am I getting more boring with time?

As I recall from when I was a kid, adults often do that. By the time I hit 50--and that date is way, way too soon--there won't be anybody left that's willing to listen to me. Uh-oh.

In case you're curious--and to Hell with you if you're not!!!--that huge change in stats around July first of 2006 was when Blogger screwed up my blog and I had to start publishing to a slightly different address. As you can see, page loads dropped around 66% at that point. It happened again to a lesser degree this summer when I was forced to migrate to Beta Blogger and yet again Blogger screwed up and I had to publish to a new address again...


rosemary said…
In my humble opinion, blogger screws up a lot....that's the problem. Sometimes I can get your blog, sometimes I can't. Sometimes I can comment, sometimes I can't.
Into the Light said…
I'll always listen to you, Dave... The first few months of this chart did show larger viewership, but since the address change, you've been fairly consistent if you compare the stats from the prior year in a particular month.

Still, I admit that some posts just don't interest me at the time they are posted. I haven't been able to concentrate to read the "sugar is good for me" post, for example, but I probably will read it when I can.

You post regularly on a variety of topics -- there's no reason that people wouldn't want to come back. :-)
kenju said…
You haven't lost me, Dave!
SassyAssy said…
Poor baby! Boo hoo.
No_Newz said…
I'm in the returning visitors section. :)

You aren't getting boring at all. I am not visiting as much because I can only surf on the weekend now. :(

Have a great weekend!
Deana said…
Mine dropped from last year but probably because I stopped blogging and only get to visit others once a week. I wish I had more time to put into it...I think it takes true dedication to keep the big numbers but my life just won't allow it. I have to be happy with my few and blog when I am inspired to do so.
Plus a lot of people that started with me have quite blogging. I think you constantly have to be out there meeting new people.

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