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I arrived back home in the wee hours of Monday morning, a few minutes before 4am, to be more exact. During the previous 11 days I'd been hiking and climbing in the mountains near Asheville in North Carolina, kayaking the muddy waters of western South Carolina, and then hiking a bit in the hills of north Georgia. And now I'm back to the boring flat lands of eastern NC. Oh well.

Only one interesting incident on that drive home. Just before I got to my house--say 12 miles away--I encountered a deer. I didn't hit it but it was close. The freakin' deer must have been suicidal. It was standing plumb smack in the middle of the lane I was in--and it didn't move an inch. It just watched me do a panic brake and just stood watching. A trifle disappointed, I believe. I really do think it was trying to commit suicide. However I like my car too much to accommodate the damn hoofed nuisance and so I very slowly crept into the other lane and moved around the pesky deer. I was so discombobulated that it never even occurred to me to take a picture of the critter. It was standing so patiently that I'd have easily been able to snap a few pictures of that suicidal deer.

In further news, today I shaved off my vacation facial hair--it's a lot easier traveling if you don't have to shave each day--and afterwards weighed myself. No, there wasn't so much hair that it changed my weight, but I was curious if the vacation style eating had repercussions. I was quite surprised, almost shocked, to find out that I'd lost 10 pounds during the week and a half on the road. I'm now at a not-quite svelte 208 pounds, but that's a lot better than the 219 I started out at. BTW, this is my first time without a mustache in at least a year. My upper lip feels quite exposed!

update: At GG's suggestion I added a new picture of me in the sidebar, sans facial hair. If you're interested, it's in the "About Me" section.


GA Girl said…
No more mustache? How strange - you'll have to update your profile picture. It sounds lke you had a wonderful time on your vacation, and losing weight tops it off! I just heard of a site called Photowork and saw a book from said site. Very nice. Have you ever thought of binding some of your pictures?
utenzi said…
Hmmm. Once in a while I think about binding another person, GG, but I've never seen any point in tying up pictures. I'll check out Photowork and see just what's involved in this binding thing.
kenju said…
ooh, you're into bondage? LOL

I am so glad you didn't hit the deer!
Love your new picture, sans Mustache...!
I was thinking that your story of the Deer...Well, maybe that's where the expression Deer In The Headlights comes from....It is like they are blinded or stunned by the head lights....

BTW: According to TV Guide, AMC is starting to show MAD MEN obce again, from the beginning, this Thursday night....Do watch or VDR it or whatever....It is truly a WONDERFUL me, better than DAMAGES...there is a lot more humanity in it and it is a "period" piece...1960, New York City, The Advertrising Business, And ALL that goes with everrything that happens in and out of 'The Office. Take a look-see!
SassyAssy said…
Those damn deer are every where!
Becky68 said…
The deer have been especially plentiful & road hogging here in VA this year. Of course it may have more to do with my schedule changing, I used to go home at 8pm, now I'm at work until 11pm & it seems to make a difference in the amount of deer in the road & beside it.
Deana said…
Good for you out hiking and losing weight. Healthy way to do it and your trip was wonderful I'm sure. Welcome back. Those deer drive me nuts. I wish they would stay out of the roads AND I wish they wouldn't come in the yard because then the dogs go after them.
Ly said…
I love the pictures about your blog, unfortunately my blog is in portuguese....and the blog in english I'm justing starting....

I will come back more...and more ok?


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