what a week

My boss has been keeping me so busy at work that I haven't been able to post while there, and I'm too tired and hungry to post after I get home. Food and then sleep is all I'm thinking about. Now that the weekend is here, hopefully I'll catch up on both.

Do you think the duck is hypnotizing the leaf or maybe it's the leaf that has the upper hand.

Let's dish a bit about television. I've only watched a few shows this week so most of the stuff I recorded is still waiting on my hard drive, but nothing that I have seen has impressed me much. Earlier I commented that I liked Journeyman and so far that's been the highlight of the week.

I thought the pilot episode of Back to You, the new Kelsey Grammer sitcom, was quite bland. The second episode was a lot better but it used easy joke subjects (sex, gender differences, and dead fish) to develop a warm relationship with the audience. It worked with me, I'll admit. I'm a sucker for dead fish jokes.

Dirty Sexy Money, on ABC, has a cast that makes even Cane look second-rate but the pilot episode was quite uneven in execution. Still, I kinda liked it. The second 20 minutes of the show was interesting and some of the family sniping and bickering was entertaining. Unfortunately I think the murder mystery backdrop is going to get old very fast. Already the clues about murder motives are rampant and I'm sure it's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Each episode will provide more motives to have killed the former family lawyer--and in the end it'll all be a sham 'cause I think everyone realizes what the body not being found means. In TV land that sorta thing indicates that it's slam-dunk that the guy isn't really dead.


Into the Light said…
I really thought the opposite about Back To You. Though the beginning of the pilot had me cringing they managed to get the gist of the story out by the end and I wanted to watch the next episode to see what happened. Then -- nothing happened. It was a fluff episode that could have been shown anywhere in the series and basically just carried through the initial reaction that he's a self-absorbed jerk. The fact that I don't like Patricia Heaton at all doesn't help.
Shephard said…
Shoot, I meant to see these shows, and missed everything premiering except HEROES.

I have to admit...every time we saw the commercial with Grammar reciting Barrington's "I Had a Hippopotamus" ...I laughed!

That duck shot is great... I love the variety of color in it..the golden water with just a bit of blue on its bill... fantastic. Great shot.


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