weekend progress

Not much to report for today. Chris and I had a late morning breakfast of pancakes then she wandered off home.

I somehow strained a muscle in my shoulder/neck so I was sidelined for the day. It made for a nice excuse not to do yardwork or my woodworking project. Maybe tomorrow?

I'm over a third of the way through Deathly Hallows and expect that I'll finish it either Monday or Tuesday. Being couch-bound much of the day meant for lots of reading. And lots of bad food!

I took some pictures of bugs outside but none were all that exciting. :-(


Into the Light said…
It sounds like you had a relaxing afternoon. Good for you! (sorry about the pain though... ouch!) I had pretzels tonight also -- but they were fatter than yours. Not my favorites, but they were a gift as I was leaving Mike's. I was eying this huge bag of mini-pretzels (I'd guess there must have been 10 lbs in that bag!). It saved me from eating chocolate when I came home.

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