I took some pictures of turtles last week when I was walking along the paths at Sarah Duke. Most didn't turn out well due to my inability to focus on the little suckers while they were in the water but here's 5 that are mostly in focus:


I think turtles are so very peaceful creatures. Under-rated too. Not many photograph them. I liked these pictures. What a great way to start a morning!

Very glad Michele sent me your way.
Deana said…
Those turtles are cute!
Carmi said…
I once had a turtle that I inherited from my brother. She came with me when I got married, and died a few years later. You can no longer legally import them into Canada, so they're no longer for sale in pet stores here. Which is too bad, because I really loved having one. It was a great topic of conversation!

These pictures take me right back. Michele sent me to say thank you for taking them - and to wish you a better week at work. I'm sorry you had a rough time.
kenju said…
Considering the lack of clarity of the water, I think your pics are very good! How big are those turtles?

Michele told me to come back!
Pearl said…
Lovely turtles. :)

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