reading update

I finished Deathly Hallows about 15 minutes ago. For the most part I found it as enjoyable as the 6 novels that proceeded it--and the last chapter was quite cute. A great way to end it for the time being. And who knows--maybe another generation will take up the baton (magic wand).

However in general I didn't like the final 100 pages or so. Way too much mumbo-jumbo for me. I'm curious how other people reacted to the ending. If you read the book, what did you think?

My steak has been marinating for nearly 5 hours now. Pretty soon it'll be heading off to the grill and I'll be having lunch!


SassyAssy said…
Can't help ya on the book as I have not read it, but I am interested in how your steak turned out.
Liz said…
You mean the part where Harry is naked and there is a crying baby? (That oughta pique the curiosity of those who didn't read it, eh?)
utenzi said…
Liz, yeah--good teaser there. That's the part that was annoying. Flayed babies. Ick.

Sassy, I took some pictures and I'll post them once I upload them. I need to attach a card reader to my computer but it's so damn old I'm afraid it'll explode if I add anything on. The steak was quite tender and tasty!

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