a new toy

I bought a new toy on Monday. I was waiting for my boss to get back with the eggs from State's Ag farm and I happened to see a 22" LCD that was on sale at Staple's. Oops.

Before I knew what hit me I'd ordered the damn thing.

Over there to the left is my old monitor. Actually it's my old, old one. My old one isn't working anymore, you see. It came with my Dell desktop computer when I bought it 8 years ago in October. The computer is still going strong but the monitor died a year ago. And so I've been using the monitor (both are 19" CRT's that weigh a ton!) that came with my previous system around 11 years back.

I've been waiting to get a new monitor since I figured I'd just get one with a new computer--but this Dell just won't die so I finally tossed in the towel and bought a LCD as a replacement and am keeping the Dell for another year. I hope. I'll tell you though--my computer is old enough that there weren't any provisions for wide screen in the settings nor for LCD type output. It took a while to get the monitor looking okay.

You can see how deep the old monitor is in that picture above--as most of you know (since I'm about the last person on the planet to move over to a LCD) these new monitors are sooo small. Just look at that small pic which illustrates the thin profile of the LCD I bought. And so light! My old 19" is over 70 pounds whereas this 22" is something like 12 pounds. Amazing.

And down there below you can see the new monitor once I had it hooked up and changed the drivers and such. I also changed the desktop wallpaper to something more upbeat as well, to better reflect the improved "mood" of the computer station. Assuming you like cats, that is.

The little fellow there was owned by a former girlfriend back when I was house hunting. We broke up just about a month before I moved into this house, 4 years back, so I've no idea if the cat is still cute. He still looks good on my monitor tho.


Into the Light said…
Congrats on the new monitor!

I'm hard on monitors -- I need a new one every 18 months or so. I'm on my 8th one in about 10 years. The current one is one of the slim ones. I've had it close to a year and still forget that I can't put things on top of it and expect them to stay there. LOL.

I finally broke down and bought a new computer, but with all that's going on, it's still in the box. It's a tiny little HP. Eventually, I'll get around to checking it out. I think my Gateway is going to die soon anyway.
SassyAssy said…
I almost spit coffee all over my lappy when I saw this post...a new monitor???? and wallpaper of a kitty? Are you okay down there??? Next thing I know you will be purchasing a HDTV.

Welcome to the 21st Century!!!
utenzi said…
Does anything look familiar on top of the old monitor, ITL?
GA Girl said…
Awwww! Pretty kitty. Showing off your softer side, huh?
Diane Mandy said…
Now I really am the only person left with the old monitor!
Bob-kat said…
Ah, new toys are always good. I ave had a 17" TFT monitor for some time but I am quite jealous of your 22" LCD.It looks great.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I couldn't agree mre with you. Time makes a wound easier to bear but it never truly heals.
Noi said…
The cat is pretty but I just know abt you break up. I am sorry to hear that, hope you are coping well.

I just rcently change to the LCD screen monitor too, we had the old monitor for donkey years so yeah its good to know we are moving with the times.
Deana said…
Wow I like it!

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