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That might look like gibberish to you, but it's a major pain in the bootie for me. And if you just change 5 of those letters, albeit 5 specific ones, it becomes even more a source of annoyance for me.

In other complaints, I never had a chance last night to watch Heroes so I'll be watching it tonight, I guess. I did watch the pilot episode of NBC's show Journeyman. I almost deleted it in the first few minutes but I'm glad I watched it to the end. It was quite good but I don't know if I'll watch it every week. The lead characters are all very interesting and Kevin McKidd, best known from HBO's Rome, is a very charismatic lead.

Here's the very brief description of the show on NBC's site:

"Journeyman" is a romantic mystery-drama about Dan Vasser (Kevin McKidd, "Rome"), a San Francisco newspaper reporter and family man who inexplicably begins to travel through time and change people's lives. Along the way, he also must deal with the difficulties and strife at work and home brought on by his sudden disappearances.

However, his freewheeling travels through the decades reunite him with his long-lost fiancée Livia (Moon Bloodgood, "Day Break") -- which complicates his present-day life with wife Katie (Gretchen Egolf, "Martial Law") and their son.

That description doesn't really cover the emotional ramifications of the show. Dan Vasser's wife is the former girlfriend of his brother, a cop, and she switched brothers after the death of the fiancee mentioned above. Since Dan bumps into Livia on these trips back--his feelings get bumped around a bit as a result--and of course most people assume Dan is crazy what with his talk about moving about in time and disapperaing for days at a time. It's interesting. I'll be watching the first 3 episodes and then deciding if the writing can maintain the quality level of the pilot.


Into the Light said…
Good luck with the gibberish!

I recorded Journeyman. I'll probably watch it overnight if we have a good night. I'm not really expecting to like it -- it just doesn't sound like my kind of show -- but I'm open-minded about it.

I watched Chuck last night. I actually liked it, but I really don't like the crash 'em up, danger stuff... it had a spoofish quality to it that I expect will get annoying after a few episodes. If the characters melt and storylines form by then, it should be annoying enough to make me stop watching.
rosemary said…
You are well bred, refined and have TV class....I watched Dancing With the Stars....and was not really thrilled with the first episode.
tiff said…
SO you trying to MAKE a protein or what? Why just change 5? Change ALL of them and start fresh. :)
SassyAssy said…
Darn! I forgot to record Journeyman! Guess I need to wait for the repeat. Let me know if you hear of the reprisal por favor!!!
kenju said…
What Tiff said! And I also watched Dancing with the Stars - and I liked it!
utenzi said…
That's funny, Tiff. The 5 different amino acids are what separates the murine from the human.
MissMeliss said…
We TiVo'd Journeyman. It was on while I was writing last night, but I wasn't really paying attention to it, so I'm not sure if I liked it or not.

Today, we had cable installers here all day. Goodbye TimeWarner, hello UVerse. I have the season premiere of HOUSE waiting for my attention.
Diane Mandy said…
I watched heroes and taped journeyman. Let us know what you thought of Heroes!
Bob-kat said…
Now that is a long sequence!

I haven't watched Heroes I'm afraid, though a friend told me about a new series called 'Eureka' about a community of scientific genuieses which they are going to record so I cna watch. Is that where you live? :)
Sara said…
Hello, Michelle sent me. I have to agree about Journeyman. Almost turned it off withing the first 1/2 hour and stayed with it. Glad I did...I'm going to watch it a couple of times before making my mind up...

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