Last Tuesday I posted about the new and returning television shows that I intended on watching this season. Last night I watched the first of these, FOX's K-ville.

This is a show with great acting, very good production values, and a very good sense of the city behind the entire show, New Orleans and more specifically the 9th Ward. That said, this show sucks. Not a little--a lot.

Anthony Anderson (as Marlin Boulet) does a great job acting. He's the cop who represents the soul, if you will, of the Ninth Ward. However his role, as written, is that of a lawless thug. Boulet's next door neighbor is murdered near the beginning of the pilot episode and he goes on a rampage that involves torturing the victim's ex-boyfriend, threatening his partner with a gun, and blackmailing a prominent, albeit morally questionable, local businessman. Not the kind of cop I'd want patrolling my neighborhood!

Here's a paragraph from the FOX site that describes the beginning of the pilot episode:

That night at the benefit, Boulet toasts to a long partnership; but Cobb tells him he doesn’t drink on the job. An attractive blonde, Christina DuBois, hosts the event. She gets up and gives a pep talk about rebuilding the ninth ward. Boulet notices Cobb staring at her and informs him that she’s Rex DuBois’ daughter. He owns the casino. Cobb’s going to need to make a lot more than 29K a year to pluck that flower. Suddenly a shot rings out and Boulet’s friend and neighbor, Kaja Fontaine, the singer at the event, goes down. Boulet and Cobb jump into their car and pursue the shooter. Cobb shouts directions to Boulet as they track the perp through the city to the casino, where they find his car flipped and abandoned.

I tell you, this show has more plot holes than Swiss cheese. Hell, more holes than even an Elizabeth George novel. Just that one paragraph above contains 4 real problems--I can't say more 'cause it'd give away plot lines--and I don't want to spoil the show for those that can manage to enjoy it. LOL Actually, two people have Emailed me today saying that they really liked the show already so apparently I'm just being a curmudgeon, which is a typical role for me.


Into the Light said…
Curmudgeon... shall I comment????

I considered checking out this show but didn't think I'd like it. To a degree, I trust your assessment, so I'm not sorry I missed it. My first show will be Survivor on Thursday, but it's not new except that it'll be different contestants and a different location -- China. I "know" you'll be watching! ;-)
Nancy said…
I hated it and only watched for about 15 minutes. I couldn't take it. I thought the acting was bad. Really bad.

Your pictures on your photoblog are so cool. Blogger was acting up and I could not comment over there.
SassyAssy said…
You, a curmudgeon??? Say it isn't so! I love the line about more holes than an Elizabeth George novel...LOL!

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