A flat iron on the grill

I actually had to call in sick today. I pinched a nerve Sunday morning, which actually felt at the time like a muscle pull, and really aggravated it today when I tried to back out of my driveway. My neck just doesn't turn to the left right now--at least it's not happy doing so--and I certainly found out just how much it didn't want to turn to the left this morning.

Yesterday, when my neck was unhappy but still working, I took these pictures of my Flat Iron Steak experiment. I ended up marinating it for 5 hours in Worcestershire Sauce with a little olive oil and white pepper added in, then grilled it for 5 minutes on my panini grill. I did make a rookie mistake and sliced half of it up right after the grilling. I should have let it set up for a bit before cutting.

This cut of beef is very, very tender and quite tasty. I'm not a huge fan of beef but the Flat Iron cut might just change my mind about that. It really is good!

The 4 pictures below are of the package of meat before prep, the meat added onto panini press after marinading, the meat right after grilling, and then cut up on my plate. I managed to eat the 0.95 pounds of steak in one sitting with just a jar of applesauce as a side dish. Next time I'll make some mashed potatoes as well.


Smug said…
I have been thinking about getting a panini grill, but I hate to buy items that only have one use. This is a great way to make a multi-tasker of a panini grill! I will have to let my future husband in on your recipe!
SassyAssy said…
What are you doing to help relieve the pinched nerve?
Nancy said…
Looks like you had a good weekend other than your pinched nerve. Hope it is better now.
Michelle said…
I found a heat pack works well on any form of neck pain/strain
kenju said…
Pinched nerves need ice the first day! Then heat.

That meat looks like flank steak to me.
Deana said…
I am so sorry about the pinched nerve. There is nothing good about that. Your steak looks delicious. I couldn't believe how much catching up I had to do...all the way back to Eddie and the Cruisers. I LOVED that movie and soundtrack too.
Wow... That steak looks sooo yummy. I want to have a bbq now!
rosemary said…
That steak looks really good...I like mine rare like yours. kenju is correct about ice then heat. and stop turning around to look over your shoulder!

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