Dry days in Duke Forest

Here on the Eastern side of NC we've largely been without rain all Summer long. We had a hard rain on Friday--between a half inch to two inches depending on location--and it was the first recorded rainfall here in 4 weeks.

I went to Duke Forest on Saturday hoping to get some pictures of the stream running again what with the influx of that water. Ha! Just a few isolated pools of water there. This is the dryest I've ever seen the streams and rivers of the region in the 9 years that I've lived here.

Normally all the rocks in that picture above are covered with running water. Now just the lowest spots have a little standing water--and that's after having a deluge of rain just the night before. No fish in that river anymore! I might go back today to explore the upper reaches of the stream a little further...


Julian's blog said…
Hi there:
The photograph of the creekbed is so breathtaking.
Kind regards!
SassyAssy said…
That is incredibly dry looking...I fear the fall will not be quite as colorful for us this year because of the drought.
GA Girl said…
It must be beautiful with water flowing through it.
Deana said…
We haven't had any rain in either and last Friday it rained hard all day so of course we had a flood. There is a small creek and pond at the very end of our road going into the main highway and so I couldn't go anywhere. We had 14 inches in like no time. Our yard looks like a zebra striped with the mulch that the rain flooded into the yard. But the pond...the pond looks great now!

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