Cupid's Arrow

I was wandering around the Internet tonight since sleep seems to be escaping me at the moment and I found an interesting site for dating and finding activity partners and what not. The place is called OKCupid and I'd seen surveys placed on blogs before from the site, but never followed any links back to the OKCupid site. From what I've seen in the past hour --in my admittedly sleep deprived and slightly incoherent state-- I really like the place.

First of all it's free (Free! Free! Free!) which appeals to my sense of parsimony, and you allow others to "get to know you" by answering the standard type questions but also "off the wall" type questions that are submitted by experienced users of the site. One of the weirder of the questions appears to the left. I answered "yes" but I'd have some serious misgivings over anyone who wanted to do that!

As you can probably guess by my wandering around a site like this, I am sans relationship once again. Some things are meant to be, and I guess some aren't. However just because a relationship is in the past doesn't mean that it can't be resurrected later on. Something to think about.

Relevant relationship questions here are proximity, employment and temperament issues--how things in the long past can affect us in the present also. But you know, I have some serious feelings of hope along those lines, unlikely as reconciliation might be--nevertheless I'm still answering a bunch of questions on that Cupid site. Covering my bases, y'know? The past few days my view of the future have been subject to some revision but that future is still a foggy place that's very hard to predict. Or maybe it's my mind that is foggy--I've been awake far too many hours now.

And not to make a new point here but...sites like these are custom fit for the way guys think. It's like a catalog of women. Fill in a form and get a woman. Neat, huh? All that emotional crap? Not so much. LOL

Oh, Hell. I have to ask. Would you have sex in a graveyard?


Into the Light said…
I think you need some sleep, Dave! What a post!

As for the question... No. But only because I'm not an outdoor-sex kind of gal -- at least at this point in my life. LOL.
SassyAssy said…
Hell no! Outdoors & sex just don't go hand in hand in my world and a graveyard----creepy!
roselle said…
truly it would have to depend on how drunk i was at the time. but no...sober, i would have major issues with it!
Cravey said…
Ah. I get to be the lone dissenter.
Sure I would.

Why the hell not?
The 'residents' won't mind.

Good luck with that whole internet dating thing. Really.
kenju said…
I plead the 5th!
Ivy said…
I grew up with a graveyard right across from my house. They don't bother me much..
GA Girl said…
Since I've had outdoor sex and found the experiences wonderful (but a blanket helps!) and find graveyards to be beautiful and serene, I'd definitely have sex in one.

I also wish you luck with that internet dating thing. Maybe a trip to the aquarium with your "new" friend would be a good first date.
utenzi said…
No new friends here, I'm afraid. Several old ones tho. As for the aquarium, the only one I've been to in the South is the one in Chattanooga but I've heard a lot of good things about the new one in Atlanta. I don't know if there's a good one here in NC.

Ivy, not being afraid of a graveyard is one thing, but having sex there is another.

Judy, OMG. Does that mean you have! Oh, my.
kenju said…
Let's make a deal: you come to one of our local blogger get-togethers, and I'll answer that question for you in person only.....LOL

Re your comment: Surely you jest! Up at 5am today, drove to airport and back, then slept for 20 mins more., went to dentist, ate early lunch, went to Sam's,Pet Smart, ACMoore, PO, bank, K-mart and home now. Still have to meet a bride at 5:30, go to the hospital and also buy groceries!! My car needs washing too, but that might have to wait.

Tomorrow is the in-home evaluation for mr. kenju's homecoming, and tomorrow night I go to a gala fund-raiser for some charity.I hope to get my nails done in the morning.

Wednesday, I have to get the guest room ready for mr. kenju to come home on Thurs. plus cook dinner for my son. No rest for the weary, Dave. Luckily, I don't have to work this weekend, but I am sure mr. kenju will keep me hopping.
The answer to that Graveyard question is probably not...Mostly because I am a "comfort" kind of Gal....Do not care for outdoor hard ground sitting, lret alone having!
Good Luck Dave...I hope you will keep us informed as to your progess on this 'dating' site.
tiff said…
Answer to the question: yes. Weren't you ever a teenager, desperate for someplace to go??

On a crypt? No. Gotta draw the line somewhere.
Ivy said…
lol.. I've done alot of stuff in a grave yard.. Of course that was when I was a teen.. I've grown up some I think..LOL
rennratt said…
Not anymore; I'm too old.

I'll leave it at that.

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