This past weekend

It was a pretty quiet weekend. Lots of rain and thunder on Saturday night / Sunday morning but it didn't interfere with any activities--at least not for me. I did stay up most that night reading Simple Genius by David Baldacci (of Absolute Power fame). I thought the book started a bit slow and awkward but that was just the first 10 pages or so. Other than that--and a few technical flaws particularly dealing with kayaks and river flow dynamics--it was a very good book. I started it on Thursday night and finished it on Saturday despite not being able to pick it up on Friday. It had to be good for me to read it that fast.

Chris and I watched a DVD on Saturday that was pretty good. As you can probably guess from that picture to the left, the DVD was Volver. The movie is in Spanish so if you watch it, you'll have to either understand Spanish or deal with subtitles. It's worth the extra bother 'cause while it's definitely quirky it's also a very good character study of a family that has had more than a few struggles and some of the people close to them. This is definitely a "critics type" movie but it's also for everyone else. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll get cross-eyed from reading the subtitles...

Other than watching movies and reading books, we went out to eat 3 times. The only meal we ate in was breakfast on Sunday. We managed to sample Thai on Friday, Road food on Saturday morning and then Italian that night. The Thai was pretty good but the Italian was excellent. The first two weren't chain restaurants and the Italian was--go figure. Chain restaurants can be quite good, at least this particular meal at Carrabba's Italian Grill was.


rosemary said…
I think this movie was up for an Oscar this year...don't know if it won. I am really picky about Italian food in a restaurant...I'm Italian and my mother made the best!
SassyAssy said…
Volver was quite interesting! Much better than any Van Damme movies.
MissMeliss said…
I rarely approve of the food in Italian restaurants, and generally order steak so that I don't have to experience scary attempts at marinara sauce.

And re: your comment...chihuahuas are usually very aware of their space and almost never get stepped on. And mine's an excellent ratter.
Pia K said…
Loved that movie, one of Almodóvar's finest I think.

And well, as for Carrabbas grill, when in Florida some years back I so enjoyed the food I had there at their place in Orlando, absolutely delicious! I didn't even understand it was a chain restaurant until I got back home:)
MissMeliss said…
Also...I just used your mac-n-cheese recipe.

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