Chris likes giving little presents. So far she's given me chocolate covered cherries, a very pretty candle and some neapolitan Hershey kisses.

Now added to that list are 3 more items.

In the picture on the left are 2 of them. There's a 4-pack of little bottles of wine. The Riesling is my favorite wine and the small bottles are so cute. I'd never seen this wine packaged in the mini-bottles before.

Chris also gave me a container of special sugar for rimming glassware for mojitos. Do you think she's trying to tell me something with all these alcohol related gifts?

In any case, both gifts are very thoughtful and have such pretty packaging-as does Chris, now that I think about it.

I've not tried either gift out but I suspect the mojito sugar might get a workout either today or on Wednesday. I intend to pick up the fixings for mojitos on my way home from work today. And bread. I'm out of bread. Have to remember to pick up bread too...

The third present is these silk sheets. They're still in their bag so you can't really see the colors. I assure you they're pretty!

Chris really likes silk sheets. Personally I like nice cotton ones better but it's a close thing. Silk just feels a little dirty... slimy or something--but when I say that Chris gives me that "are you nuts" look.


SassyAssy said…
You are nuts & don't forget to pick up bread.
kenju said…
You ARE nuts!

And make it an Italian boule from H*rrisTe*ter. Let them slice it for you - it is great!!
Ivy said…
Those are great gifts!

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