one year anniversary

It's the one year anniversary of when I purchased my car.

I had a Nissan Frontier for over 7 years and was so glad to get rid of it. I bought it 2 months after I moved to NC 'cause it was so useful for moving stuff around but I hadn't planned on keeping it for so long.

Now, even after a year, I'm still quite happy with my little Hyundai Elantra. It's an amazing improvement over that nasty Frontier. And having a nice MP3 enabled stereo is great plus the leather interior. I really hated having the fabric bench seat in that truck. Yuck.

That was the only truck I've ever owned and I just never liked it much. I'll admit they're quite convenient --there's rarely a week that goes by when I don't think that it'd be a lot easier to do something with a truck-- but I hate driving trucks!


You have to love getting a new car.
SassyAssy said…
What a pretty car! Happy Anniversary!
kenju said…
Happy Birthday to the Hyundai!
Pearl said…
Did you take the two of you out somewhere special for the occasion?
Bob-kat said…
It makes a lot of difference to a journey (even a short one) if you are driving something you enjoy driving doesn't it?
Yaeli said…
Glad you and your car are still happily together! Trucks are great for some things... But very cumbersome.
rosemary said…
Pretty blue....It looks like a really nice car and Hyundai has a really good reputation. My hubby has a Ford 250 4x4 with an extra bench. I hate driving it. 2 winters ago I slid in that thing on the drive and almost went through the plate glass window in the living room. He can have it.
Noi Rocker said…
Nice colour! My bro and dad just bought a car too, its black. But what I really hate about this is: I do not get to drive it, I havent got time to go get a drivers license!

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