lazy weekend

I just vegetated this weekend. Chris had some stuff she needed to do so I was on my own and I just chose to do nothing. Nada. I watched a few movies, watched some television, and did some cooking and baking. Nothing that involved going out into that damn heat. The weather folk had promised us a few "cool days" in the mid 80s but it was over 90 both days. Phooey!

I happened to catch a lot of Alton Brown this weekend. There was his Feasting on Asphalt show, which is in its second season, as well as a couple of his Good Eats shows that I'd not seen before, and I also watched an episode of Iron Chef America in which Alton Brown was sorta flirting with the visiting chef, Alexandra Guarnaschelli. She had cut her finger and Brown was making the situation quite dramatic--and Alexandra was working with him on the shtick.

The theme of this episode of Iron Chef America wasn't any one food but rather used a bunch of foods that could be garnered at a farmer's market. Guarnaschelli, the challenger, is chef at NYC's Butter restaurant and while she lost to Cat Cora, her sense of humor was quite memorable. It was one of the better episodes that I've seen. Almost all of the dishes were ones that I'd actually eat. Amazing.

While I have been watching Feasting on Asphalt both seasons, I can't say it really resonates in me. I'm just not that thrilled by traditional diner type food--and of course that's the subject of this series, celebrating road food. And frankly, Alton Brown looks a little silly on a motorcycle. At least to me he does.

A few weeks ago Chris and I ate at a Mexican restaurant near my house and she had some Sangria. I had a sip--I'd never had it before--and it tasted pretty good. I think I'll give it a try sometime this week and see if I can make it. There's a recipe on Epicurious that looks easy to make... as you can see over to the left. Do y'all think this is a good recipe or should I try a different one???


kenju said…
Dave, I have had sangria, but I have no experience making it. Sounds good to me, though my usual poison in a Mexican place is a margarita. Come to think of it, that's my poison anywhere!!

Good luck with the recipe and if it turns out not to be so good - well - you can make another one some other time....LOL

P.S. I'm working on that meme you tapped me for. I had never thought I'd publish my middle name on the blog, but I suppose I will - or maybe I'll make one up...tehee
SassyAssy said…
I skip the sparkling water and add sprite or ginger ale. I also put apples slices, peach slices and cherries as part of the fruit mix. Yummy!

There is also a sangria made with white zin, peaches, sprite. Heavenly!
MissMeliss said…
Re: Your comment - Yes, it is a weird place for the comment link isn't it? But hearing from you is always delightful.

I almost caved and made your mac-n-cheese recipe over the weekend, but I didn't...I have, however, bookmarked it for use in colder weather.

It looked divine.

Yesterday, while watching men watch case after case of Hatch chili peppers, I thought, "You know, I bet Dave would get a kick out of this."

But I forgot to snap a picture. :(

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