comfort food?

My belly wasn't feeling good yesterday.

So my solution was to try different comfort type foods. I started off with some scrambled eggs as can be seen below. I just mixed 5 eggs, a few ounces of milk, and a pinch of sugar together and plopped them in a pan. About 2 ounces of sharp cheddar cheese was added just before the eggs were finished as well as a little salt. I like my scrambled eggs moist but with no wet parts. I understand many people eat them partially wet. Ewwww!

Up there on the left is what I had late at night while watching the end of a Braves game. Peanut butter and jelly-- but on a flour tortilla instead of bread. You can load more jelly that way without it leaking! And of course some sweet ice tea with both snacks.


rosemary said…
5, as in FIVE eggs? PB&J on tortilla? Boy, Dave, if you had a bad stomach before this snack run, humm, I am wondering what would really upset it. I am actually jealous because I can't eat eggs anymore and no matter what anyone tells you about eggbeaters being just like eggs....they are not.
SassyAssy said…
Maybe you need to have Chris cook you a nice dinner!
Nancy said…
Hmmm.... I never thought about putting sugar in my eggs. I will have to try it.

Wet eggs? GAG!
Smug said…
I agree with the egg comment - I hate runny eggs. I actually like them best pretty dry. I hate any food that is the least slimmy!

When I was visiting ABQ in New Mexico, they eat everything on tortillas! They actually eat everything with green chilli too, but I doubt they eat green chilli with PB&J - but you never know!

Was this all you ate all day? I wish I could live on 5 eggs and a PB&J!!
Into the Light said…
No eggs for me, but the recipe sounded good. What kind of jelly was that on that tortilla? I wouldn't use a tortilla (unless I was breadless and desperate) as I need the bread to absorb some of that jelly -- I need the jelly to get the peanut butter down, but really find jelly pretty icky.

I hope you are feeling better -- and comforted!
Deana said…
Wet eggs are gross. Sugar in them? no...I have enough sugar additions than to add another. But they look good!
tiff said…
Five eggs is a SNACK?


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