Baseball, stats, and posting

My boss has really been piling on this work this Summer and it's starting to affect my posting here. Last month I was 31 for 31. I posted every day in July. But August is a different story. I'm 10 for 15 so far. Which reminds me of baseball.

I lived in Georgia for 15 years and Atlanta for 11 of those. Not too surprising then that I follow the Braves and not some other major league team. Locally, the Durham Bulls used to be a Braves minor league club so there's strong support for the Braves here though something like 10 years ago, in the AL expansion, the Tampa Devil Rays got the Bulls for their organization.

Tonight the Braves won their second game in the series against the Giants with the sweep possible tomorrow night. Barry Bonds did get a solo home run but the main story of the night was the uneven officiating which resulted in Ryan Klesko (former Brave and current First Baseman for the Giants) being ejected as well as both managers at varying times.

Bobby Cox, manager for the Braves, was ejected last night also-- which just happened to set a new record for ejections (132) by a manager in the Majors. Now he's making his record all the harder to achieve by adding another ejection, his 133rd. This one was certainly worth reaching for--Angel Hernandez was calling balks on Tim Hudson for little or no reason. Very odd. It certainly got the crowd fired up tho. They kept chanting "balk" anytime the Giants' pitchers threw to First thereafter. Baseball crowds have a good sense of irony. :-)

Anyway, I doubt work is going to get any better in August or September but I'll try to work on my posting average anyway! LOL One of many things slated for improvement.


SassyAssy said…
Awww! Your loyal fans do miss your regular posts so I hope you get that average back up where it belongs.
Bob-kat said…
I wouldn't beat yourself up too much, sometimes life throws other things at you and you sound busy! Remember to find time to chill out too!
Into the Light said…
What more could possibly need improvement??? We love you just the way you are...

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