What do big ears mean?

I blame it all on waking up way too early this morning. I woke up at 3am and didn't have much to do. First I watched a movie, The Holiday, then I tried to figure out what to do next.

Since it was still dark I didn't have anything to do outside...

And then it hit me. Start shaving off random bits of hair! Like that clump you see over there on the left.

That used to be my beard. Goat-beard, actually. Goatee, if you will.

And yes, there's a lot of gray in that pile. Too much, in fact.

These two pictures show the intermediate steps on my face. I'd been hiding behind this hair for well over a year now and my skin was definitely not ready for prime time. In fact, it was quite a shock to feel the air on my chin after so long.

The two picture below are before and after shots of my beardedness. Should I grow it back or does my denuded face not need censorship?

The thing I notice the most is that my ears are so damn big! I don't seem to notice that when I look in the mirror each morning. We're talking Dumbo size. Maybe what I need is longer hair to hide those things.


craziequeen said…
er - did you tell Chris you were planning to lose the face-fuzz, Dave? Could be a bit of a shock....

Anyway, what do I think?
I like beards.....my late daddy had one.
As for your ears - they're not that big... :-)

Michele sent me to see what you've done to beardiness....

True Willow said…
LOL! I love it, you don't know what to do...so you start shaving. BTW, I like both pictures. What I seem to notice is not your ears, but your blue eyes! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I sent myself today, Michele didn't even have to. ; )
David said…
you look less intimidating with the bare chin, perhaps younger without the gray also.
I just added mine back- so the universe ( of facial hair) is still in balance.
utenzi said…
David, I don't like having my picture taken so I have to focus on not frowning. I do that a lot better when someone else is taking the picture. Since I took these I was focused more on keeping myself in focus and in frame--and the expression you see on my face is just me being annoyed that the camera is pointed at me.

TW, thanks! The blue eyes are just a diversion to keep people from looking at my huge ears. I'm glad it works.

CQ, I actually called Chris within a minute of posting this. I wanted to know what she thought. When I did the shaving she wasn't up yet so I had no idea how she'd react. She likes me without the beard more but now I'll have to be a lot more careful about kissing and stuff like that since there's the razor burn issue.
kenju said…
YOU LOOK YOUNGER WITHOUT IT!!! I had to shout, otherwise you may not listen....LOL I might even trim the length of the mustache, if it were me.

Your ears are not big! Wouldn't you look silly with tiny little ears?

Are you reading HP?
mariamusic said…
I ditto Kenju,

You look younger withouthem Utenzi.


P.S. No Harry patter reading on my part. I never read those series of books.
SassyAssy said…
So were you sweating bullets waiting to hear what Chris thought?

I like the beardless look too!
Into the Light said…
Your ears are not that big, Dave. But then, I have small ears, so I don't always appreciate why people are concerned about the size of that extremity. ;-)

I almost always prefer a clean-shaven face to a hairy one, razor burn be damned! You don't look happy either way, but you look fine.
Deana said…
You do look younger without it but I always like a guy with a good beard too. I guess because my dad has always had one. Very nice pics there, I think I'd go with what my GIRLFRIEND liked best! And you do not have Dumbo ears silly.
Bob-kat said…
They're not big ears! Now donkeys, they have big ears :)

You look younger sans beard.
SassyAssy said…
I agree with Kenju that a trim on the mustache might be in order.

Good thing Chris liked your new look after-the-fact!
utenzi said…
Damn, you're particular, Sassy. I'm glad Chris is a lot more easygoing.

Bob-kat, I have been compared to a donkey a few times in my life--and not always favorably. And not always to the front end either. *sigh*
rennratt said…
I may be the lone dissenter here, Untenzi.

Trim the moustache a little, grow back the beard. The gray is good, too. (I am a fan of facial hair...)

I, for one, can not wait until my husband goes gray. I will shave him bald if he tries out that Just for Men crap.

For the record, your ears are NOT BIG. They fit your head just fine.
rosemary said…
You are one damn good looking man...facial hair or not. The stache is like my husbands....good for hiding snax. Your ears are fine....if you had smaller ears you would be off balance. If I was going to get rid of anything it would be whatever the 60's flower thing is in the background.
utenzi said…
That's my backup shower curtain, Rosemary. I got it on clearance at Walmart a few months ago. I hang that up when my normal shower curtain is being cleaned. I like how colorful this one is--but admittedly it's more for kids. My regular one is pretty but a little boring colorwise.
tiff said…
MMkay - I'm voting for you to grow the facial hair back. All of it.

What can I say? I like beards.

Naturally, my vote counts for nothing, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyhow, because this is the internet and I can say what I want (as long as you greenlight my contributions. :>)
utenzi said…
Consider yourself greenlighted, Corkie.
Pearl said…
Accentuate I say -- vulcan ear prosthetics! ;)
tiff said…
I see what you did there, dude! Touche!

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