weekend presents

They say to beware Greeks bearing gifts (due to that Trojan Horse gag, y'know?) but since Chris isn't Greek, I don't know what to think.

Chris came by after work on Friday and gave me this pretty candle, the lovely 3-D card at left and below, and that attractive gift bag with lots of Hershey kisses (Neapolitan flavor). She wasn't staying long since she needed to be in Charlotte all day on Saturday but it was still good to see her--and she was going to be back on Sunday to visit.

Unfortunately I hadn't considered getting her anything so I had no present to give her in return. How serious do women take these things? Can anyone give me any advice. BTW, would the fact that she cleared all her things out of my bathroom be significant?

Here's a different angle on that card. Isn't it clever? Once you fold the card out it looks like a fish swimming in an aquarium. What a nice card! (and again, I didn't get her anything)

I don't have to work today since I took Monday and Tuesday off what with the 4th of July holiday landing on a Wednesday. Most of my assays take 3 days to run so there's not a lot I can do this week. I'll go in on Thursday and Friday to get some paperwork done and keep my cell lines fed, split, and happy.

Damn. I'm still thinking about that gift thing. I did send her flowers a few weeks back and bought her an autographed book but those were for her birthday...


Into the Light said…
Dave, don't sweat the gift thing. A gift is generally welcome, but it's more mandatory for an occasion. If you should see something and think of her, by all means do it -- she'll feel special that you thought she'd like it and wanted her to have it.
Bob-kat said…
She seems a very generous and lovely lady! My advice is to send her something, even if it's flowers with a card saying you loved her gifts. I can't think of anyone that doesn't like getting sent flowers.

Without knowing her or the circumstances of the bathroom clearance it's hard to comment but for what it's worth I suspect she might be worried you might think she is trying to move in or that it might look like she is 'cramping you' or just that she wants to walk before she can run if you know what I mean? Like I said it's hard to tell.

I love the new top bar on your blog :) adn if you drop over to mine you get a big mention for your virtual birthday gifts. Thanks! :)
SassyAssy said…
Well, most women like to get a little something as an indicator that she is being thought of by the beloved. If she came back on Sunday maybe you are not in the doghouse!

As for her clearing out her items in the bathroom....was there a reason she left them in the first place? Inquiring minds want to know.

I noticed your 13 changed to 17...what is up with that? Is that some sort of counter?????
utenzi said…
Sassy, that's good advice vis a vis giving gifts. I'll do just that. I think she left them in my bathroom, then removed them just to confuse me. Women are like that, you know. And that number is still 13...whatever are you talking about? It's a cervical vertebrae thing.

Bob-kat, that's great advice. Thanks!

Teresa, more great advice. Thanks!
SassyAssy said…
Utenzi--I do believe you are playing games, because that number was clearly a "17" when I made my comment....hmmmm does Chris know about these mind games you play?? Maybe she was doing a few of her own???
kenju said…
It's very sweet of her to gift you like that - was there some occasion for it - or it is out of the blue?

I wouldn't sweat it, but like some others said, I'd give her a card now and then and flowers or candy.
Well, was this some occassion? I mean, why would you say.."I didn't get her anything"...
It seems like a lovely thing to do---her gift, I mean. And I agree with Bob-Kat...EVERYONE LOVES flowers...especially women.
Why she removed her things? Well, I don't know enough either...like why had she moved them in, in the first place? Was it by invitation?
Maybe SHE'S confused by your sihnals...."Men Are Like That, You Know..." (lol) I couldn't resist..
Well, if she is important to you, and it sounds like she is...maybe you should ask her about her things being removed?
And a lovely bunch of flowers and a thank you card from you, will go a long way...If you want to do that.
Diane Mandy said…
Chris finds the best cards. Ask her about the Barbie card she got me back in high school. I still have it to this day.
Yaeli said…
Maybe I'm just a totally crap friend who deosn't notice things... but when did you change girlfriends? Yes, I know. I'm totally slack.

Send her some flowers again on a random day if you're worried about the pressie. Girls love flowers any time of the year.

Mind you a relationship shouldn't be that you expect something from your partner everytime you see them. Nor should one give gifts just so that they can get something back.
Cravey said…
I'm not a big fan of flowers. They die. I'd say do something that requires a little more effort if you're genuinely worried/concerned. Flowers to me, say 'knee-jerk reaction to shit! I screwed up'

WHY did she give you gifts in the first place ?

srp said…
First, I am too old to ask this question of... I don't remember what it was like to date... in fact, it seems (if my daughter's case is normal) that no one dates any more... they "hang out". It is very weird! When she was too young to date, I insisted on the group thing... group church parties, groups going to the movies... etc. Then she evolved to the single dating in high school... and then her senior year and on into college... the group thing has started up again... who knew? Now the group thing is called "hanging out".

I don't know about the gifts... any occasion? Did you get a fish tank? All the wisdom I can offer is... use a florist! Even if you have a friend that works at a funeral home and there are always excess flowers available that won't be used at the gravesite... do not, DO NOT take them and offer them to your girlfriend as a gift! Oh yes! And it is NOT cost effective to send your estranged wife a dozen roses the night before the divorce hearing! Should have sent the roses way back there when you brought the funeral bouquet!

I know.... give her a kitten.... or a cat...

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