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This has been quite the week. I've been having belly issues all week long--Chris suspects a stomach flu but I think it's just my IBS being worse than usual--and I hope that my suffering is finally at an end today. No, I'm not wishing for death. I just want to stay out of the bathroom most of the day.

Since I've not been feeling well, and 'cause Chris has plans for half the weekend anyway (bridal shower and movie with best friend) I'm probably flying solo. I picked up a couple of movies and one book at the library today (The Holiday, Night at the Museum, and James Lee Burke's Pegasus Descending) to keep me occupied over the weekend. I've also got to return some pants that don't fit to the store, a trip to the landfill and plenty of yardwork to do. There's also a woodworking project that I've been ducking for over a year. Knowing me, I'll be surprised if I end up doing even half these tasks--but it's good to know that should I be motivated, there's plenty to keep me busy.

This week I've been watching this series Hidden Palms that was on The CW network this summer. It was canceled a few weeks ago but the story arc in the 8 shows that were aired was complete. I really liked the show so I'm disappointed it didn't make the fall schedule.

Next up I'm watching the last 6 episodes of the canceled show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I really, really liked that show also. I was hoping it'd make the cut--but alas, it didn't.

Last night I watched the first of the 6 final episodes (NBC aired these shows after the regular season ended using ERs time slot on Thursday nights) and it seemed like the show was made with the knowledge of their impending cancellation. Allison Janney played herself on the show and there were numerous references to both The West Wing, which a good segment of the cast of Studio 60 were in, and also Saturday Night Live, which is the show that Studio 60 is based on. All in all, it was a show filled with sef-referential humor. Gallows humor, I suppose. The episode was titled "The Disaster Show".

And so it goes...


Heidi said…
I personally loved The Holiday! I think you'll enjoy it.

Hope your tummy feels better.


Michele sent me! :-)
Hails said…
Hello, Michele sent me.
That sounds like the type of weekend I frequently have ahead of me - and I usually end up doing none of it! :)
Have fun! xx
Becky68 said…
Hi Utenzi, of the movies you rented I can only speak for Night at the Museum, which as a kids movie was fairly predictible in plot but very entertaining in special effects! (my 8 year old & 11 year old LOVED it!)
I understand your frustration with tv shows you love being cancelled, I don't know if it would work with NBC, but my favorite show from last season (Jericho) was supposed to be cancelled & an online pettition saved it. CBS though, is a poor fourth to the other big 4 networks & seems to be a lot more concerned with their viewers than the other nets.
Michele sent me over to check out your entertainment plans for the weekend.
Lazy Daisy said…
Hope you are feeling better....IBS is not fun nor is the stomach flu. Hope you get a few of those things done on your to do list. Michelle hopes so too.
Into the Light said…
I saw Hidden Palms... I hadn't realized that it was cancelled as the final episode was promoted as the "season finale", but I've had mixed feelings about the show anyway, so either way, I'm fine with it. :-)

"The Disaster Show" was excellent in my opinion. It was a good episode to restart the show for the final episodes. Though I still think it was a good show and should have been given a chance, the rest of the shows felt more like they knew they weren't coming back and wanted to get in some commentary. But then, I thought the same thing about ER's last few episodes this season. Did you ever finish the ER season???

I'll tell you privately what I think about your tummy problems... I do hope you feel better though.
utenzi said…
Promises, promises!

I've not finished ER yet. I've got something like the last 8 shows recorded but unwatched. Same thing with Ugly Betty. My hard drive is pretty damn full!
mariamusic said…
Good to read I'm not the only one watching movies and movies and movies.


barbie2be said…
night at the museum is great! you'll love it. feel better!
craziequeen said…
Bummer!! So Studio 60 is cancelled before we even get it here. IT's due to start here next week.

I had high hopes of that show, but the execs are merciless......


Michele sent me to say hi, Utenzi - have a good weekend.

kenju said…
I just got over a stomach virus and I know it wasn't iBS - at least not in the beginning. The virus activated the ibs, though and made it worse! I hope you feel better soon.
Carmi said…
Hi Dave. I sure home you're feeling better in time for the weekend. I'm sending good health vibes your way. Michele is, too, which is why she had me invite myself over.

I'm just glad that Friday Night Lights made the schedule. It is such an artfully, achingly produced show.
rosemary said…
I am already tired of reruns and have been watching tons of dvd's from my collection again. I think I am going to the Library tomorrow and see what's new on the dvd shelves.
'B' said…
The Holiday was a great movie...

It would seem as though both you, and my 'L' have been ill this past week, she has the flu!

Here from Michele's on a cold Saturday afternoon in Sydney!
kenju said…
Michele sent me back, Dave. We have been watching DVD's of Monk, since we had never watched the show in the regular seasons. We love it!
sage said…
Hey Utenzi, new look to your blog here! I don't know any of those movies. Have a great weekend and, before I forget, Michele says hi
Nikki-ann said…
I hope you feel better today. I have ups & downs with my IBS, it can be a right nightmare.

Enjoy your films. I quite enjoyed Night at the Museum.
craziequeen said…
Hey, the craziest of queens is here again via our friend Michele...

I have a week off next week with nothing to do, so I see lots of film watching and book reading in my immediate future.... particularly the films MB doesn't like because he'll be away from home with work.

kenju said…
I bought my copy at 11:00 am and promptly read 30 pages in the car. It is great, right from the beginning!I got soooooo sleepy sitting there in the warm car that I had to come back home. As soon as I finish email, I'm going to bed (with Harry Potter..LOL)!!
It seems like good plan for the weekend. Saturdays are working for me. I get only sundays and all I wish in that is to sleep!

Michele sent me here to tell you to take care of your stomach!
craziequeen said…
Still blogging, Dave? Surely you should be curled up in a chair somewhere with a little wizard and his pals??
Michele sent me to say hi again :-)

Mr. Althouse said…
It sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy, but are you sure you should be tackling all that physical labor if you not feeling well? I recommend you find a nice comfy chair and take it easy ALL weekend. That other stuff will still be waiting for you.

Michele sent me to say so,

Hey Dave....So, that painting of Jesus scares you? In a good way? Well, I assume "shivers" is a good thing....(lol)...I will have to go over and check out "Jasmine"...And it is "SWEETIE", not Snowball, though he looks like a snowball when he is all rolled up...lol!
I have one or two other [pictures of me in a hat....but, they are both casual and fun, too! THanks for the lovely compliment, my dear.

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