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Unica and Fiona over at Berate my Blog reviewed my blog the other day. They're obviously women of refinement and high taste because they gave me a 9.7 out of 10. Woo-hoo. Some might say that indicates low standards on their part but I suspect those are jealous folk who say that!

Seriously, the rating seems a bit high but who am I to second guess them? They're professionals in the design business and must know what they're doing. They are kinder than most of the other review blogs that I've come across. The worst score in the 2+ months they've been doing this is a "5" and there's been several "7+" scores. The 8's and 9's have been much more frequent. So if you want some ego boosting... Berate my Blog is definitely the place to go. After all, they gave my funny looking blog a good score. How bad can you do?

Here's the text of the review they gave me:

Graphics -- Going through the avocado green (the most restful color for the eye) pages is like rafting down a lazy river, and everyone will enjoy this blog for its lush imagery.

Content -- The blogger takes the middle road between posting personal items in the first person (snore-inducing if you're not Paris Hilton) and straight third person feature reports (can get impersonal).

His engaging journal-style narrative starts out chatty, moves on to the lecture part and ends up back to earth with comments inviting response. This makes his science and review posts readable. Other bloggers should learn how to pull this off. For instance, inflicting your wedding anniversary photos on the audience takes craft, like telling an intriguing story behind the story to keep them onsite. Take note, firing-squad shot posters out there.

Back to Utenzi, there are down-home style book, movie and product reviews, stock market tips, science news, local weather and health reports. I'm not sure if the mention of irritable bowel syndrome will sit well with my lunch at the keyboard. Content aside, what would move the visitor to open other posts is the glorious photography.

Recommend -- Moving the 'recent posts' and 'archives' buttons to page bottom so we don't have to scroll back up to jump to other pages.

Rating -- 9.7

My impression is that Unica and Fiona are based in the Phillipines. They also do some editing and design advice on their blog. It'll be interesting to see how their blog changes over time--and just what they're going to be doing with thier experience.


SassyAssy said…
I find it interesting that they don't take some of the advice they dished to you on design elements.
utenzi said…
I got a 9.7, Sassy. Don't make waves!!!
rosemary said…
I did this once a while back somewhere else and while my writing got high marks my design did not...I thought I was tough, but it hurt like hell, thus the small changes. It is difficult for me to do anything graphically good with this darn dial up.
Pearl said…
Impressive (pat,pat,pat)

The new layout and template is a treat.
Congratulations on youyr FAB review, Dave...GOOD FOR YOU...!

About "BRIAN'S SONG"...A 'wooden performance: from 'Sonny'? I don't thibk soi....Are you sure you saw 'the original'? They remade it you know...!

I cannot believe James Caan and Billy Dee Williams gave WOODEN Performances, EVER, in anything!
Maybe you were in a strange place that day....OR, as I said, you saw the remake.
utenzi said…
Seriously, Naomi--I was shocked at how bad they were. The difference between when I first saw the film as a kid and when I saw it again last year was dramatic. The acting was atrocious--but it seemed fine when I was a kid.

Thanks Pearl.
kenju said…
Dave, I'd give your blog high marks too; for content and design (nbow that you have changed the template....LOL)
Nancy said…
COngrats on the great review. You have nerve, I would never do that. LOL!
mariamusic said…
9.7 out of 10 is an A isn't it?
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on such a positive review! I agree with your initial assessment - they are obviously refined women with very good taste!

Ari (Baking and Books)
Michael Manning said…
Utenzi: Just dropped by to catch up on a coffee break. Have a good day!

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