Toys in the mail

I received two items in the mail today that I can play with. One is a toy in the traditional sense whereas the other is more a metabolic toy.

The metabolic toy is a test package of Align that an ad agency sent me. I'm supposed to use it and review what I think of it on my blog here. The package consists of a bottle of 28 capsules of Align, which are taken once a day, and contain 4 milligrams of Bifidobacterium infantis 35624 each and a manual and diary for its use.

The odd thing is that according to the cover letter from Bridge Worldwide there's supposed to be a 2 month supply of tablets but there's only 28 pills. To the best of my mathmatical ability I can't figure how 28 once-a-day tablets will last for 8 weeks. Maybe this is where Jesus comes in with the fish and loaf of bread.

I've had IBS symptoms since I was in my early 20s so it'd be great if Align would diminish them somewhat. I'm not overly optimistic since my IBS seems to occur almost as often in response to non-dietary elements of life (stress, headaches, bad smells) as it does to the diet. My assumption is that the Align would only be effective against the dietary triggers--but perhaps once you take care of those, then the rest of the causes will go away too. I sure do hope that I'm proven wrong and that Align works wonders.

I think I'll start taking the Align on Thursday, July 5th since I've been suffering unrelenting sinus headaches the past few days and that's triggered belly spasms. I want to give the Align a better window to start in than my current situation!

My pretty toy is a new digital camera. I still love my Panasonic FZ7 but while its 12X optical zoom is great--it's also quite bulky. The Olympus Stylus 750, on the other hand, is quite small, which you can see in the following two pictures. Hell, the Stylus isn't all that much bigger than the lens cap for my Panasonic, as you can see in that pic to the left.

The picture lower down shows the camera in my hand to give you a different measure of its size. Or perhaps to give you a gauge for the size of my hand. The camera is small enough to fit into a pants pocket so I can take it anywhere. Soon I'll be like Carmi and take pictures of everything!

There's a replacement model out for the Stylus 750 so the remaining stock is going on clearance. I picked this one up for $160 from Amazon. I played with it a little today but didn't feel well enough to actually travel anywhere and get some nice pictures. Maybe after I get up in the morning...

I like the idea of having a good resolution digicam (7.1 MP) that I can carry around easily--plus it's water resistant which will be great for kayaking--and it's got a macro setting that gets down to one inch! And even as small as the camera is, it's still got a 5X optical zoom. Amazing.


rennratt said…
Have you tried Activia?

It has the same "good bacteria" that the medication contains.

I began eating it about a week ago (testing on behalf ofmy sister); my stomach issues have eased up a LOT. I don't have IBS (as far as I know), but my meds really do a job on my stomach.
SassyAssy said…
I love new toys! Have fun playing with them both after you start feeling better! Sinus headaches are icky!
Noi Rocker said…
Nice camera! Its so flat!
kenju said…
I ate Activia for a while and I didn't see much difference. Dave, let us know if the new meds help you at all.

I'm looking forward to new pics!
nancy said…
I hope your new medicine works.

Getting a new camera is always awesome. I drive my husband nuts as I have mine w. me ALL THE TIME. Can't wait to see the pictures you take w. it.
Anonymous said…
Nice camera! New digital toys are so much fun. :)

I hope that Align helps relieve your symptoms, living with IBS stuff isn't fun.

Ari (Baking and Books)
rosemary said…
Header and footer are GREAT. I want a new camera hp Photosmart is heavy and the batteries are gone after 20 snaps. Good luck with the test meds. You know better than anyone that meds work differently in individuals, so go for it! Have a safe and relaxing 4th, don't worry about items the girlfriend removed. Gifts? What does she like; books, perfume, gift cards? Getting something for no reason is wonderful.
MissMeliss said…
I think I have serious camera envy. I mean I love my Sony, but it's got a permanently attached telephoto lens, and it's just too huge to carry all the time.
Michele said…
Stopping by to say hello....

What is the secret to getting companies sending free drugs? Really, I need to know this. Actually, no I don't. I would be dangerous with such knowledge.

Your camera is very pretty.

Now I have new toy envy - perhaps I should go and order myself something online and blame you for it. Yes, that is exactly what I will do.

Have a glorious day tomorrow!

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