Thursday wrapup

It's been one of THOSE weeks. I'm sure you've had plenty of them yourself. Insomnia is acting up worse than it has in many months, that IBS thing is really grumpy, and the administrative aspect of my job--that I dislike quite atrociously compared to the science research aspect--has been rearing it boring trite old head this week.

I've spent so much time this week: orienting a new post-doc; finishing work a med student has started but not finished; given a tour and info session to a 2-week rotating grad student; plus the various clerical and accounting functions that I have to periodically perform. *whew* All these things that I only have to handle occasionally happened to fall in the same week. Is there like some triple full moon thing going on? In the stock market there's a triple witching hour thing where options and such can freak out due to simultaneous expirations. I wonder if that's going on in life too...

My Dad turned 70 today. That's a huge milestone. A few days ago this blog went past the 90,000 mark. Not so huge a milestone. I'm reading Janet Evanovich's new novel Lean Mean Thirteen. I'm almost finished with a non-fiction book that I've been reading off and on for over a year. It's name is Salt and it does tend to ramble a bit. I also suspect the author of exaggerating sodium chloride's role in history just a tad. The way the book reads, salt has toppled empires, molested innocent young children, and even played a role in Paris Hilton's incarceration. The author is silent on the role of salt in communism though. I think that's all part of the plot, y'know?


SassyAssy said…
Mercury is in Retrograde, Venus dropped her pants, and Mars veered south for an impromptu trip---there is your astrological trifecta to explain your issues this week!
Some days are tough. However those pass too..:D

Belated happy Birthday to your dad.

Michele sent me here so that you can chk on my reading room blog. Just click on my name!
Bob-kat said…
Sounds like one of those weeks that are sent to try us. I haev been having a similar one. Only gravity keeps remindining me which way 'up' is!

I hope you have a weekend to relax in and leave it all behind....

Surely if salt isn't part of the solution then it's part of the problem? No doubt you cna give us the fiormula for a saline solution! LOl! See, now I'm gibbering too! :)

Michele sent me which is weird - how did she know you were on my list to visit today?
Becky68 said…
I was having one of those weeks too, I'm very glad it's over! Lol on the salt.
Michele sent me
Nikki-ann said…
STrangely enough my IBS is playing up this week too, must be something weird going on (apart from it being Friday 13th today!).

Happy Birthday to your Dad! Mine will be 70 at the end of this year.

Have a good weekend!
utenzi said…
It's odd, Nikki, but I never even thought about it being Friday the 13th. Maybe that does explain the belly stuff! I hope you feel better, Nikki.
kenju said…
Say happy birthday to dad. I will be there in 4 years (shudder).
rosemary said…
I have just been in a weird mood without a reason.When Evanovich comes out with a new Plum, I savor the book itself for a while, just look at the cover and read the blip on the flap...once I start it I will finish in a day and then have a very long wait for the next one. My favorite was #4. Yea, according to my doc salt is the cause of all evils.
mckay said…
happy bday to your dad !

michele sent me ;0)
Howdy stranger!! Michele sent me but I would have come on my own ;)

Sorry to hear you are having a bad week...I'm having a bad life so I sympathize!

I hope it gets better soon :)

My mother just turned 72 herself, so I know how you's like suddenly you realize how old they are getting and it's quite impressive and depressing at the same time. I want my mother to write all her thoughts and wisdom down in a book for me but she hasn't got the time. I know at 72 she has more energy than I have lol A happy late birthday to your Dad, and happy 90,000 visitors!
Carmi said…
I think you and I have had similar weeks, and I'm glad that the wizardry of the Internet allows me to return and share a thought with you.

I think good people have weeks like this because they need to be challenged every once in a while. Or at least that's what I try to convince myself as a way of seeking comfort. Because if I have another week like the one I've just had, I'll need to find a rubber-lined room somewhere.

Happy birthday to your dad: how cool is that!

And 90,000 is a great milestone! I'm so happy that some of those were mine. Lucky me!
Carmi said…
Oops, almost forgot (I've got insomnia-brain): Michele sent me.

This time, anyway.

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