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I finally got around to watching the final 6 episodes of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip this past weekend. I really loved the writing and acting on that show. I wish it hadn't been canceled. I'm sure, given the people associated with the show, that it was very expensive to create--and I guess the ratings just didn't warrant that kind of money. Damn shame.

Last night I watched Hell's Kitchen from Monday night as well as the first two episodes of Burn Notice on USA. Jeffrey Donovan, the star of Burn Notice, is quite charismatic and perfectly cast in this quasi-spy drama. The show is quite entertaining in an almost tongue-in-cheek way. I wish I could say the same for Hell's Kitchen. None of the contestants are appealing so it's hard to have much interest in the goings on. Rock is plainly the best chef--but I can't find any enthusiasm for him. He's too much of a dick. None of the eliminated contestants were very likable either. It was just a season of people I had no interest in. And what is it with cooking folk and smoking? I've noticed this on past seasons also--almost every single man and woman that appears on the show smokes. Ick!!! Keep those ciggies away from my food!

Yesterday's finish for the first Pyrenees stage in the Tour de France was intense. It's amazing that those guys can climb like that. That slope must have been over 10 degrees. And they were just sprinting up that damn mountain. Incredible.


Anonymous said…
I've only seen Studio 60 and was bummed when it was cancelled too. However, the women on that show were really irritating, maybe that's why is got cancelled?
rosemary said…
Have not seen any of those shows....as for the Tour, my son races on a pro team in California. These folks are amazing athletes...too bad the sport has gotten such a black eye with all of the doping. There is nothing like standing on the sidelines waiting for the hum of the bikes and then trying to find my kid in a blur of wheels and helmets and the sound that mimics a sports car finely tuned.
Diane Mandy said…
Usually I agree with your reviews, U. But I tried to watch and like Studio 60, but just couldn't get into it. Oh well! To each his own, right?
kenju said…
I have not seen any of those either, Dave.
SassyAssy said…
Jeffrey Donovan rocks! I love Sharon Gless as his mother too.

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