old blog look

Here's what the blog used to look like, and of course the current appearance is all around. Which do you like better? Is there anything about the appearance of the one you don't like that you think should be on the one you do like?

Eventually I'm going to redesign the blog. This last go-round was mostly cosmetic and not structural but I've not decided on what changes I want to make and whether to host on Blogger's servers or not. I'd have more flexibility if I did it on a server of my own.


kenju said…
I like it now, Dave. The colors are pleasant and cheerful.
SassyAssy said…
This look suits you so much better imo.
tiff said…
I like the new colors better. WOuld you please explain what some of the sidebar items are though?

Many thanks from a confused fan.
Bob-kat said…
I liked the old look but I like the new look too. Both the bird and the bug work for me. So really I'm no help what so ever!
mariamusic said…
Hi Utenzi,

I like the new color better, and I like the bird better than the bug.

I like the new color better cos it doesn't hurt my eyes, green is kind of shinny to me

rosemary said…
I like the new look better...and anything but the slug on the top is nice. Please, tell us what the 1953 is....the number has changed over time...pretty please with a hummingbird on top?
Pearl said…
The new look is hugely better, streamlined, uncluttered, easier to read.
utenzi said…
1953, huh? Well, it's not the year I was born. I wasn't born until the early 60s. Hmmm. What else could 1953 refer to....?

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I have to decide on what kinda formatting I want to impose on the blog and I'll probably keep the colors and graphics similar to what I have here--at least for a while.
Shephard said…
Both blog designs are nice. I think people will divide based on color preference. Both the photos are great on both.

Thanks for stopping by...that's one of my favorite Reba songs, Utenzi! (even tho it's a cover)
~S :)

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