night lights

Just looking down at the pretty lights. It's so much nicer being outside when the humidity takes a dip like it did last night. After a few weeks of hot humid weather, this felt like a reprieve!


Into the Light said…
We aren't in Kansas anymore, are we?
Carmi said…
This reminds me of a scene I experienced on the I-75 on our way to Florida last December. We were in the Smokies, about to crest somewhere in Tennessee - I wasn't really focusing because the sun was going down and I didn't want to end up in a ditch on a twisty stretch of Interstate.

At one point, the view to the right opened up to a stunning vista very much like the one in your picture. I caught my breath very quickly, and secretly wished I hadn't been driving, because I would have cracked open the camera and tripod to remember it a little bit better.

Thankfully my blog-buddy captured it even better than I ever could have. Thanks, Dave!
rosemary said…
That is pretty enough to be on a postcard.
Zhu said…
Cities by night look magical to me. I love it ! All the little light, the world is asleep yet... cities are always alive.
SassyAssy said…
Simply breathtaking!

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