morning glory

I took these pictures before work today. I was getting ready to leave and decided to trot back in and grab my camera for a few shots.

Here you can see the corner of my house being taken over by morning glory. This year it started up about a week early so it's been going for four weeks now. It's up on my deck, all over the mulch pile, and snaking its way across my driveway with the old mower you can see in the back being quite engulfed.

...and this second picture is of the morning glory taking over the edge of my driveway. It's amazing how fast that stuff takes off. In just a few short weeks it works its magic. It's as bad as kudzu.


SassyAssy said…
But they are ever so lovely!

So, Utenzi, when are you going to spill the story of how you & Chris met? Does she read your blog?
kenju said…
Ah, you put me to shame. Either you have had more rain than we have - or you've watered well. I have nothing growing this summer.
nancy said…
Beautiful! I love Morning Glories!
SassyAssy said…
I love morning glories! Especially the Heavenly Blues. They cover a multitude of sins.

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