a list of missed things

My life is far better today than it was 5 years ago. Back then I was working for dot coms and every time I got a job the damn company would go under. Finances were getting worse than just tight! And while it always seemed I was seeing someone, most of the relationships were short term and I just don't have the kind of personality that likes short relationships. And I was living in apartments--which I just hate!

Today I have a house, a new girlfriend in a relationship that I think has legs, a former relationship that lasted well over 3 years, a job that's been going well for the past 5 years, and my finances are finally on an even keel. I do like continuity. Still, there's things I miss:

  • My girlfriend--she's out being social and I'm left to my own devices this weekend.
  • Sleep. I'm not sure I even remember what it feels like. Let's see--something to do with closed eyes...
  • NC Zoo. I was going to go there this morning but since I'm still awake and it's 6am I don't think there's much chance of me going today. It's an hour away and I'd be sure to fall asleep while driving. Hmmm. Maybe that's the way to get some sleep...
  • Living near mountains. It's too flat where I live now. :-(
  • Chocolate milk. My belly just won't let me drink it.
  • Legs that can keep my bike moving at 25mph for an hour straight.
  • My old hairline! LOL

That's it for now. Complaining is fun. What do you have to complain about?


Into the Light said…
Somehow, I don't think your blog is the place to start my litany of complaints, Dave... It might make you feel better though.
SassyAssy said…
Relationships have legs????

Complaints? Hmmm...that I have not unpacked from my move last year...the man in my life enjoys torturing me...the last 30lbs that just won't go away...no vacation in like a year...minor things really!
Thumper said…
If I posted my list of complaints, it might break your comments box...
R. Sherman said…
Hey, here from Michele.

Right now, my wife and three kids are in Europe visiting her family. I miss them terribly and am counting the days until they come home.

Hang in there guy. You've only got one weekend.

Pearl said…
Good to hear you're onwards and upwards. Hairline got the message too well on the upwards perhaps. :)

Complaints, usual, bodily, tired, ache. The day's going slow but I'm not sure which side of the ledger that should fall on.
Catherine said…
I got some complaints out of my system a couple of days ago, I don't think it's time to let myself go back there right now :) The driving solution to falling asleep might work, if you get someone else to do the driving. It used to work with my children when they were babies.
Visiting again from Michele's.
Carmi said…
25 mph for an hour straight? That's like 40 km/h...you should be in France now. I think there's a team with your name on it!

In all seriousness, I think it's wonderful for us to periodically take stock of all that we have, and of how far we've come. How cool that you've done just that. I think I need to do the same because there's so much to be thankful for.
BreadBox said…
My complaint is sprogs who insist on playing with about 5000 dollars worth of CDs as if they were toys... I'm never going to be able to replace my music collection!

margalit said…
I could have written the first paragraph. How many dotcoms did you work for? Were they all in RTP? I worked for 4 in two years, all of which went under. It was so depressing. I don't think I've ever recovered emotionally, and I've never gone back to work. I'm still on poverty's doorstep!

But I'm glad things are much better for you. Sounds like you found some real peace of mind.

Michele sent me
surcie said…
I just blogged about my big complaint of the week!

My little boy has been wanting to visit the A'boro zoo. Maybe we will when it's cooler. Much, much cooler.
BreadBox said…
I posted my complaint earlier -- now I will post my non-complaint (and if that makes me non-compliant with the rules of this post, so be it!)
I love our sprogs! They are amazing, and wonderful and ((shut up, breadbox, everyone knows that)) and they make it *fun* to bake, and to teach them to bake, and.... ((shut *up*, BB, they know that!!!)) and....

Yep, I can complain, but you know what? I can't complain:-)

Awareness said…
I never have enough time to do the things i want to do.....and instead end up having to do stuff that seems so trite....maybe that makes the better stuff more fun?

what else? Hmmmmmm......droopy body parts :)

Hi from Michele....
Complain about what? I got an healthy body, healthier mind, what's there to complain?

Michele says go to sleep!
Mr. Althouse said…
Well, there's always money, but I've got everything I need. I can't complain and it wouldn't do any good if I did.

Michele sent me,

colleen said…
You said the magic word! As in Hairline. The Sunday Scribblings prompt today is HAIR and several men are complaining about that very same thing.

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