It's a dam, Toto

This dam shows every sign of drinking. It's anything but square and standing straight hasn't been possible for decades at least. Hell, it's got logs holding it upright. I'd not want to live downstream! Yet, despite all that, it's a pretty damn. I like the greenery behind it and the water running down the stonework looks nice too.
I found this dam along the Blue Ridge Parkway along with a whole lot of pretty scenery of mountains, valleys, and trees--but never Kansas. Into the Light was correct about that.


rosemary said…
Damn pretty, you are right. Sorry.
kenju said…
Very pretty, Dave. Did you explore the area?
KizzyKim said…
I'm back from the abyss!

And the dam is indeed stunning.
utenzi said…
Hey Kim! You were out of circulation for nearly 6 weeks! Welcome back.

Judy, I explored around a bit but not as extensively as my parents. They've been the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway many times. I've just looked around short segments.

Rosemary, Sorry? Did you do something wrong???
SassyAssy said…
Did you get a chance to stop at any of the wineries along the parkway? I hear Chateau Morrisette has some real yummy wine.

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