What are you worth (dead)?

This is slightly morbid but with potentially useful information to the ones you leave behind when you die. LOL

Liz, over at the Library Tavern, keyed me into this quiz.

Actually while the questions seem valid and well grounded, I don't know how accurate the thing is. After all, it's really a come-on for a dating site. I'm not sure what the connection is between dating and evaluating corpse worth is tho. Anyone have any ideas on that?

$3755.00The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth

Mingle2 - Online Dating


Bob-kat said…
It's so that you know what you are going to inherit once you bump them off! LOL! How romantic!

I'm liking the new look, especially the bar on the bottom of the page!

Thanks for your birthday wishes adn the photo's. With your permission I would like to showcase them on my blog with the other blog gifts I received.
Sarangeti said…
Your new look is very refreshing, very summer!

Michele sent me.
Into the Light said…
Something must have gone wrong... my body is worth $4475? Who is going to pay that anyway????
rennratt said…
I'm worth 4720.00 This surprises me.

I figured it would be much lower.
Terri said…
Since my husband always told me, "If I die first, when YOU die, make sure you burn down the house and you're $10 overdrawn in the checking account" I think I'll pass on this quiz...lol
Michele said to say hi.......
That's a weird quiz in the first place, but even weirder to be tied into a dating thing.

Unless the idea is that you can sell your newly-ex's body for that much on the black market?
I'll have to check that out Dave...though I'm not sure I want to evaluate this right now! (lol)

You know it is interesting what you said about no food at a restaurant has had that kind of impact on you....I was going to write a post about different meals and foods that I have eaten over the years that were so memorable, I have never forgotten them. I LOVE Food, and a really good meal!

The Cobb Salad at the Derby was absolutely one of those menorable meals....If and whewn I do this post, I'll let you know.
Thanks for your visit and your sweet comments!
Well I went ahead and took the quiz....$4,265. LOL!
Good Luck To Me!
kenju said…
$4365.00 for me, Dave.

I like the new header.
Bob-kat said…
Ah, Michele sent me back to check out your new header. I love it!

You are right, the bar at the bottom of the page has changed. I liked the last one but suspect that you were right to change it. It's coming together nicely though :)
Star said…
When i see omeone update their blog I think- I should do that. But really, I have trouble finding time to post. Maybe if I give up sleep.
Anonymous said…
that's a years worth of college for me in Georgia...to bad I'll never be going back to georgia state ever again. lol

michele sent me to say hi

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