Them damn Yankees

I'm having a bit of difficulty sleeping so I thought I might post a little quiz-game. The point of it is to determine how much "Yankee-ness" you have. The demographics that it contains are only going to be germane to people that live in the US but anyone that speaks English will be able to do the quiz.

The Yankee Quiz

I was born in upstate NY, went to college in the Western Tier of NY near Rochester, and had my first job near Lake Placid, NY. So the first half of my life was all in northern NY state. The voice patterns there are similar to those of Eastern PA, not NY City though. Those are my "Yankee" credentials.

After that I went to grad school in Georgia, worked in Atlanta after that, then moved to North Carolina where I've lived for the past 7 years. So the second half of my life I've lived in the South East, home of Dixie.

The results of my quiz, you ask? 49% (Yankee). Barely into the Yankee category.


SassyAssy said…
Apparently, you did not get your daily allotment of low-cal snack foods yesterday.

I took the quiz & this is my score: 39% (Yankee). A definitive Yankee.
Sue said…
Hmm, I scored 43% yet grew up in the suburbs of NYC and vaguely knew that there was an "upstate" somewhere. Clearly, I need to get back to my roots.
tfmtkaytfo said…
I know that on one test I"M 57% Dixie, so invert for your real results.
carli said…
never lived south of PA or North of NYC, and yet, 52% Dixie. I think it's the fact that I say y'all.
Bob-kat said…
I'm British and came out as 45% Yankee! Mind you I had to guess at some answers. For example we call a Pill Bug a Woodlice (I only knew what this was from the film 'A Bugs Life' LOL!
Sparky said…
I came out as 66% dixie.
Born in central PA, raised in northern Virginia. Apparently some of us are just born a little more 'southern' than others?

Interesting quiz.
Utopia said…
66% (Dixie). A definitive Southern score! Go figure!
rennratt said…
I am 55% Dixie.

Creds: Born and raised in Northern Maine ("above Bangor", which is pronounced Bang - oar, not Bang ger). Lived there 17 years.

Moved to WV/OH, lived there 6 years.

Moved to NC, lived here 12+ years.

Most of my answers have me pegged as a Midwesterner, or from Michigan.
rosemary said…
Born and raised and spent all my life in California...moved to Idaho 9 years ago...I am 49% as well.
Claire said…
This is how I came out...although if I'm honest I don't know the difference between a Yankee and a Dixie!!

59% (Dixie). Barely into the Dixie category.
Deana said…
I was a 76% darling Dixie. I didn't see how I could have any Yankee blood. Only higher education that pulled some of my local twangs out. Like I don't say Ant...I say A-u-n-t. That isn't common here. And I don't say EYE-ce for ice. I say it the normal way.

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