that Chipolte Girl

You might remember this picture from yesterday. The subject's name is Chris and it was taken at Duke University in the Sarah Duke Gardens on the Eastern edge of the campus.

I've received two Emails asking how I achieved the affect in this picture and a few comments on the blog as well. Even Chris wondered how much Photoshop magic was involved. Well, none to be exact. The picture to the left has been shrunk down a little to fit on the page--the original file size was 2 meg and was 2200 something pixels across--but that's the only adjustment I made.

The affect was actually the result of clumsy happenstance. I had been taking a few pictures in a shaded glen of small blue flowers so I was using the flash to light them up. I then decided to take a closeup of Chris' face with the glen as a backdrop. I kept the camera setting on macro but forgot to shut down the flash--so when I took the picture Chris' face was extremely overexposed. It was an oversight--I simply forgot to turn off the flash.

The picture below was taken immediately afterwards with the flash off and as you can see, Chris' facial detail appears quite normal in that one. I really like the affect of the overexposed skin on the first picture but it was just a happy accident. I can't claim to have achieved that affect through skill or planning. Just dumb luck.

Now you can't see the green in her eyes at all. And that's a shame!


SassyAssy said…
The second photo is definitely not as exotic looking. Your skill as photographer amaze me even with happenstance and luck involved.
Sometimes the most wonderful things occur through 'happenstance', don't you think? I love that you kept the picture....Some people might have just decided it was too off...but, in fact, it is much more interesting than the one without the flash! I LOVE things like this.

I've been having trouble getting to your site from my blogroll...I am not sure why, unless you made some change in the address OR, a gremlin has crept into my Template...I will check in my template, Dave....But just wanted to say, I have tried and finally I went to Michele and scrolled through the weekend M&G...! (lol)
The problem was in my Template, my dear...! Now fixed! Hooray.
kenju said…
I like both photos, Dave.But the top one looks a little ghosty!
Diane Mandy said…
Both photos are lovely, as is the subject!
Nancy said…
I love it when this happens. Which is why I only delete pictures off the computer and not the camera, ya just never know.

Very COOL!

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