A temporary header?

Is this too plain for a header? I wanted something quiet this time around but this might need a little more oomph. Opinions?


rosemary said…
I really like the color scheme....the one with the umbrella and matching sun is really nice (is that a pot plant?) The one in the body of the post is a bit plain, but I'm a lady...it should have a teacup and lace gloves, so what do I know.
kenju said…
Too plain. I like the one up there now.
Into the Light said…
I think it's too busy actually. Not plain enough. Less is more sometimes, Dave.

I'm also having trouble with the lightness of the print, but I can read it if I give in to wearing glasses. I think it's the background color that makes it seem light to me anyway. Not fond of that color.

Maybe I'm not in an agreeable mood today?
netchick said…
It's a bit "quiet" for you, D.
Carmi said…
I like it. It speaks to me. I believe that the design language of a blog - or of anything, for that matter - should not detract from the message. In your case, your blog has such substance and character that a simpler header - and related elemements - ensures the good stuff doesn't get lost in the mix.

I've been thinking about this issue a lot lately. Sorry :)

Wonderful to e-see you again. I've been kinda quiet on the commenting front because of work. Settling into my new role has absorbed a lot of my free time over the past month or so. I hope to be a bit more verbose in the next little bit. Thanks for sticking by me!

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