Summer Pepsi

I love soda. And I like Pepsi a whole lot more than Coke. However...

If you see this nasty stuff--just run! It's a temporary product that Pepsi is floating in some markets. It's supposedly normal Pepsi with some citrus tastes blended in.

If you ask me, this is probably slightly filtered cat piss. Where is the FDA when you need it? They're off trying to keep the genetically modified tomatoes in line when they should be saving the American consumer from cat pee in shiny blue cans. *gag*

Anyway... there were a few comments on Wednesday's meme asking about my situation regarding Ren and a few Emails from people that apparently were either shy or didn't want to be labeled shallow. LOL I might just name names here!

Frankly, I really had no idea my life was interesting enough to spark questions but here's the answer for those few that actually are curious. Ren and I had been going out for just over 3 and a half years and the past year I'd really not been paying enough attention to her and it was annoying her. It wasn't quantity of time, it was quality--I just didn't have my heart in it, and not just my relationship with Ren. For some reason I've just been out of step with life. Who knows why?

I'm serious. This isn't a rhetorical question. I want to see raised hands. Who knows why?

That kinda sounds like a scene in a Woody Allen movie. But to continue the story, Ren finally walked out. This rendition might be modified once Ren reads it. I don't know if she'll agree with this or not. I wish I could blame it all on that nasty Summer Pepsi but unfortunately I bought it afterwards.

Any more questions everyone? I'm willing to answer a few from time to time.


panthergirl said…
I'm a Diet Coke with Lime person (not daily, but when I drink soda that's my flavor of choice). This one sounds gross.

Sorry to hear about the end of your relationship. I wish I could answer your question, but I don't know. Have you considered the possibility of clinical depression?

Here by way of michele today, Dave!
utenzi said…
Given the symptoms I related, Marian, that's a good guess. But I don't think depression is it. I did try anti-depressants back around 10-12 years ago but they had no affect.
Bob-kat said…
Don't ask me - if I had answers then I probably wouldn't be getting divorced!

I don't like the sound of this drink and I don't like the coke version either! It really is vile!
kenju said…
I'm a Diet Coke woman - preferable caffeine free. Pepsi is already cat piss, even without the citrus flavors....LOL

Sorry about Ren, but if your heart wasn't in it, you are both better off.
SassyAssy said…
Just give me a mojito for my summertime drink.
rosemary said…
The drink sounds a bit like TAB...that the good ole USA sent to our Army of one in Viet Nam. Women need quality time....quantity only counts in one way and I am too much of a lady to type it.
Utopia said…
You made me cry! All that bad talk about Pepsi.

Love, Renee
Jen said…
Yes, someone please please tell me why the big soda makers and restaurants all think we need citrus in our soda?!! At restaurants I keep getting lemons in my diet coke, um, No thanks!

As for feeling 'out of step with life' - that's a feeling I'm familiar with..and the answer is within you, not out in the blogosphere, Utenzi.

Best of everything.
Nikki-ann said…
I'm more of a Coke girl myself. Proper Coke, not the diet or fruit infused stuff. Coke.

I'm sorry to hear about you & Ren. I'm afraid I can't answer your question though.

*Hugs* Take care.
No_Newz said…
Thanks for saving me the time trouble and money. Nice review. :)
Curious why you would know what cat piss tastes like, but like the military, don't ask, don't tell. :P
Nancy said…
I read you MEME and was wondering about your girlfriend. But, was not going to ask.

And, your tired all the time? Hope you are ok.

I have no answers. When life gets too much and I can't walk out, I read a book. Book = Escapism.
Noi Rocker said…
No gassy drinks for me, even if it is diet coke. Gassy drinks arent the best things for your bones ok.

I think your life is far more interesting than you thought it is..if not why would I keep coming back here?
carli said…
Tenz, I loved the Summer Pepsi. I also loved the Holiday Pepsi from a few years ago, and the new caramel Diet Pepsi. (The Strawberries and Cream is NASTY.)

Too bad my body doesn't like caffeine.

Woody Allen rocks. Maybe you just need to see more movies.
mariamusic said…
I've turned to water from sodas, and I must admit I'm enjoying the water.
SassyAssy said…
Did you find a use for your canned cat piss? I must confess to the same curiousity that no-newz displayed when he/she asked how you would know what that tastes like.

So did you enjoy any sugary snacks this weekend you care to give one of your reviews on? Any new ice creams or twinkie flavors out there we need to know about?
utenzi said…
In a very unusual departure for me, Sassy, I didn't have anything sugary on Sunday. I wasn't feeling good so I limited myself, for the most part, to low-cal items.

Mariam, I just can't stand water but yesterday that's what I ended up drinking--but it was unusual for me.

Carli--I don't know about you!

Nancy, I don't know why I've been so tired for the most part. This past weekend it was easier to explain--I just hadn't been sleeping well for a few days.
GA Girl said…
You didn't give antidepressents a great try 10 or 12 years ago, and your problem was anxiety as well as depression. The HMO wouldn't pay for the appropriate Rx.

If you want my opinion, or even if you don't - when a relationship is healthy it gets deeper and more intimate as time goes by. If this doesn't happen (or only one party wants this to happen) it becomes the big issue. The 'distant' party begins to resist and resent the other party, and the other party becomes hurt and more needy (believing there's something deeper within you that you are withholding).

The sad thing is, you are not withholding. You, my dear, want a 'friend with benefits' relationship. Perhaps your need for the warmth draws you to a certain type of woman, but your isolation prevents you from returning the deeper warmth that type of woman needs.

Therapy, anyone?
used*to*be*me* said…
Remeber Pepsi Lite? the lemon pepsi before it only came in diet? I liked that. I'm a coke girl now. I wish they made Coke with Lemon. Coke with Lime is just gross.

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