sleepy weekend

I had high plans for this past weekend. My house is a cluttered mess and I was going to try to tackle it from top to bottom. Well, given my propensity to procrastinate, my real plan was to transfer all my current recycling items to the collection area in Carrboro Plaza and then to sort through my magazines and put together another load of recycling from them and excess cardboard that is laying about the house. Besides that, I needed to do laundry, wash dishes, and vacuum all over the place. How much do you think I got done?

Remember that quote about the best laid plans of mice and men? I'm not sure which category I fall under but predictably the plan did fall through. I lazed about on Saturday and didn't do anything productive. The only thing I got done was sorting through the mail from the past 2 weeks that had collected and pay the bills in that pile. It was a chore that needed to get done but it wasn't much progress for an entire day. I should have at least cleaned the bathrooms and vacuumed upstairs and down.

Sunday was similar. I was sleepy all day long and that prevented me from getting done as much as I wanted. My IBS was acting up as well and I had trouble eating--which didn't help in the energy department. It was hard to even get out of bed--so that's where I stayed half the day.

The only solid food I ate all day was a slice and a half of pizza and while it tasted good--I could sense that it was too dangerous for me to eat with the belly acting up. I ended up trying to assuage the hunger pangs by just sampling tasty but low-cal items, hoping that strong taste would make up for limited volume. I can't say that my hunger was fooled since I kept going back for more and never felt full.

In the end, Sunday was a much better day than Saturday but I wish I'd been able to do more and not take so many naps. I think I had 4 naps though none lasted more than an hour. What a waste of time that could have been much better spent. I wasn't able to sleep last night either so today I'm a zombie!


SassyAssy said…
I find that Sundays are great days just to laze around bed. Maybe those low-cal snacks had you burning more calories than you were eating and the naps were much needed. Of course, given your confessed penchant for super sweet things, maybe you were on sugar overload. I know sugar always makes me sleepy!
kenju said…
Dave, pizza is the worst thing I can eat for IBS. If I don't already have a flare-up, you can bet I will if I eat that! The best thing for it (for me) is oatmeal or white rice with a little sugar and non-fat milk. How does that sound to you?
utenzi said…
Judy, I don't have any trouble with oatmeal or rice--I don't know about low fat milk. Regular milk is a problem--I've not tried low fat. I'll give it a shot.

Sassy, I was thinking I had been eating low-cal that day but maybe there was still too much sweetness there for my sleep levels. It's hard to believe that anything can be too sweet tho.
WendyWings said…
Everyone needs a lazing around in bed day every now and then. Michele sent me but I was planning on visiting sometime this week anyway. I am finally getting back into the blogging groove :)
Have a great week.
tiff said…
Next time you feel lazy on a weekend, gimme a ring - I'll tell ya to go back to bed! :>
rennratt said…
Considering the weather over the weekend, sleep/rest was probably your best bet.

Best of luck with the IBS. My sister has a severe case, and weighs a total of 112. She is 5'6". Most people think she is anorexic, but she is simply unable to keep food in her system long enough to digest it.

Do you have any advice? (She has recently had a colonoscopy, and it came out fine. No sign of cancer, etc...)
Diane Mandy said…
Sounds like you needed the rest!
utenzi said…
I had a colonoscopy last year in August, Renn, like your sister did. Mine was clear too. The doctor even went a little ways into the small I. to show me the different appearance of the walls. It was quite interesting.

It sounds like your sister has much worse symptoms 'cause I have no problems with weight. But I can avoid the trigger foods--corn is the worst along with some dairy products--though stress will induce problems and that's not always possible to avoid.

Tiff, I can't call if I don't know your number. What a tease!

Wendy, good to have you back. I don't visit your distant shores enough and should stop by more often.
SassyAssy said…
Maybe your mind had too many visions of sugarplums dancing in your head to allow sleep?

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