Ride 'em Cowboy

I came across this Cowboy Act a couple of weeks ago at Sarah Duke Gardens. The bug was on a cluster of flowers well off the path so I held out my camera, all zoomed out, and hit the shutter a few times and hoped for the best. I was amazed to find that I actually had a shot with a fairly good focus on the bug.

To me, this picture reminds me of the album cover of some 80s hair band. Or maybe something that Meatloaf would have liked to have on one of his covers. LOL Ride 'em Cowbug!


Cravey said…
That is a seriously scary looking bug. I am not amused.

SassyAssy said…
Totally cool pic! Yeah, Meatloaf or GnR album cover.
rosemary said…
OK....that is just icky. Those 2 pointy raised areas are scary looking and he is looking at me.
srp said…
This bug might be a variation of the stink bug... so watch and don't squish! It's awful that I used to know the genus and species of these back in college... but now... well, they probably changed the names anyway... just like they tend to do with microorganisms.
Michael Manning said…
Utenzi:Your talent with the camera is one I don't have yet and I was quite amazed! Have a nice weekend!!

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