Peppers and spice can be bad for your health

I'm sick as a dog today. My body is amplifying viruses like nobody's business and I place all the blame at the foot of a Chipolte pepper that I was nibbling on a few days ago.

Who knew that a little spicy repast like that could bite me in the foot (actually my throat is sore, not my foot, and there's some fever too) this way? It makes a person wonder if all that capsaicin eating just isn't worth the pain and suffering.

I might have to go back to my normal diet. It might be bland, but at least it doesn't threaten my health and well being. What do you think? Spicy and dangerous or bland and safe?


SassyAssy said…
Utenzi, spice is what adds color and drama to an otherwise dull palate. Once you taste chipolte it makes it hard to go back...I think it has some addictive properties.
LOL...Well, my dear Dave...I would say bland is the order of the day...Of course your catching me on a day when I don't know what foods to put in my mouth, but...I would so caution is the way to go!
I hope you feel better very very soon....!

Thanks so much for your email...It meant a lot to me...You are such a sweet man, Dave.
rosemary said…
I am always on the side of caution because losing a day from eating something too irritating is not good. I love your seal and the poem is wonderful. Thank you for the trustee comment...still laughing.
kenju said…
Are you sure that you can lay blame on the pepper?
kenju said…
If that is in a "non-food group" of pepper, why were you eating it?
I have acid reflex disease and anytime that I try to eat something spicy my stomach kills me. I take medicine but sometimes it just doesn't help. The body is a funny thing like that because it always tells you what you shouldn't eat.

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