Of birthdays and unexpected visits

As anyone who knows me can attest, I do love to tease. Chris, from what I've gathered so far, is too much of a straight-shooter to tease. However she has warned me several times that she can spoon out at least as much as she gets--and that card I posted yesterday seems to be her warning shot in the teasing game.

Inside her words were sweet and caring--quite a contrast to the warning message on the front. *whew*

And to make the surprise even nicer she decided to visit me for a few brief hours before zooming off to have a birthday dinner/party with a group of long time friends up in the wilds of Virginia. No boys allowed, dammit.

This is Chris preparing to depart for her party. She's wearing shades so you can't see those lovely green eyes. But you can see from her smile that she's already thinking about all the presents she's gonna get. LOL Can you say "Princess"?


SassyAssy said…
Looks like Chipolte girl has some considerable charms to offer.
Bob-kat said…
Who wouldn't be happy at the thought of presents and a night partying with good friends? :)

Michele sent me to say hi again!
awesome photo!
by the way michele sent me to say hello
margalit said…
My oh my. Talk about a tease! That photo is one for sure.

Your photos are more beautiful than ever. What kind of camera are you using? The iris photo is just beautiful.
kenju said…
She's a tease, all right! Too bad you couldn't go to the party, Dave.
Michele sent me to say hi, Utenzi. Happy birthday to your friend Chris, too!
rosemary said…
And it was the eyes that first got you, right???? She is a cutie...glasses or not.
srp said…
Did she see this picture before you posted it? More to the point... did her mother see this picture? What ARE her eyes like?
Nancy said…
She looks like a lot of fun!
Deana said…
She's hot Dave! And she looks like she has tons of spunk! Great hair too! I hope her birthday was wonderful...did she enjoy ole Virginia?

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