genitals and plants

We tend to think of plants as being innocent but consider their private parts. We don't view our own genitals as being innocent--witness how much effort is made to keep them hidden.

So how can you view the balls of a pine, seen above, as being okay for children to see? Hell, the picture below nearly makes me blush it's so lush and naughty. Perhaps we should be censoring nature in addition to our art museums and magazine stands. Just a thought...


Anonymous said…
What effort??? Huh?!?!?

I'm against censorship, but nature is the least of my worries when considering what else is out there these days.
SassyAssy said…
My oh my! Someone's thoughts took quite the turn today. The iris is reminiscent of an O'Keefe painting. Amazing.
kenju said…
The iris is gorgeous, no matter what it is showing...LOL

How about the bird of paradise. It even has a slit, through which the flower protrudes.
Princess said…
They are beautiful colourful photos!
But how funny! Its Gods sense of humour, i swear!! Lol

Here from Micheles

kenju said…
Michele sent meback right away, Dave. I must have missed something the first time....LOL
Sue said…
Er, does this post have anything to do with my cupcakes? Lovely, if immodest, pics though.
Carmi said…
I can practically hear Dana Carvey's Church Lady clucking. Great post, Dave - you infused some incredible photos with some major laughs. I wish I had your gift.

I think your choice of words will get the search engines' tongues wagging. Cool!
Gorgeous my dear...Just absolutely Gorgeous! I wouldn't censor that EVER! I'd sooner censor Donald Trump who has such balls they clang every time he moves, only they have have a tinny ring because they surely aren't brass! (lol)

Seriously beautiful, Dave.
Bob-kat said…
Those pics are wonderful no matter what they show LOL! I think it's because the plants actually made theirs look nice!!!

Thanks for your kind words about my mum when you dropped by my blog. She is a worry at the moemnt!

Michele sent me to say hi this time but I was going to opo by anyway!
srp said…
Beautiful iris.... yes, it does look a bit "naughty" doesn't it? Who cares with that purple color!
Nancy said…
The Iris picture is beautiful. And lush and naughty now that you mention it.

I notice the sacred geomentry found in plant life now that I, obsessively, take pictures of them.
Into the Light said…
I've been noticing the past month or so how the pine trees have a contrast in color where the new growth meets the old growth. It's a pretty effect, almost like how they frost the ends of trees on the Christmas cards. It's mostly noticeable at night. I wish I had your skill with photography and could capture it.

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