birds and character

I really like the appearance of doves. I can see why they are one of the symbols of peace. They just look nice. Well, from certain angles. For example, observe the dove below as it sits atop the bungee cord I use to keep the seeds from getting spilled.

That's an attractive and smart looking bird.

Now look at the same bird from a head-on angle. Now the bird looks a mite comical and well, more than a little stupid. A little of the Deer-in-the-headlights look about the dove now. Or maybe it's just my fever talking. What do you think? Are doves more attractive from the side than from the front?

And now we come to a bird with some serious character. The cardinal below looks like some tough talking cartoon character that would always be full of salty language and would have your back in a fight. A bird you can depend on! LOL

Of course in reality they're so skittish that it's hard to get close enough to them to take a picture. But they sure look like they're scrappers! And I must admit that other birds are cautious around the cardinals.


Laelaps said…
Beautiful photos. My wife used to have a dove in her room when she lived with her parents; his name was "Simon" and he never shut up.
angela marie said…
Sorry you are sick, hope you are better soon...but loving the pictures!

Mourning doves are quite beautiful...except for the crap they leave all over by my bird feeders. Ah well. What goes in, must come out. :)
colleen said…
Those pictures are GREAT! Doves do look like dignitaries in suits! I don't like the way they sound though, like cry babies. Our local cardinal will never eat from the birdfeeder, only from the stuff that's dropped on the ground.
rosemary said…
So it wasn't the food! I have some of the same symptoms when feverish. Things just are bigger and wiggle. We have tons of doves all year long...they are stupid in the sense when there is a pygmy owl in the tree rather than leave they dance around under the tree as if they were a target. I love their mournful sound. As for the flowers/plants and trees...oh my....Feel better and stay home. Rest. Fluids.
Moogie said…
These are great pictures. I have always been fascinated by all things birds. I love doves as well. I believe that I do like the side view better though. It's funny, in these photos, they almost look as if they are made from clay. Great job!

I hope you get to feeling better soon.
Beautiful pictures Dave...But you know I think that in that head on shot that Dove looks quite Elegant!
The Dives where you are looking cleaner and those front breast colors are much brighter and richer.
I so wish we had Cardinals here in Los Angeles, but we don't. It was my very first and favorite bird as a child! Such a BEAUTIFUL Color!
Nikki-ann said…
I've never seen a cardinal before.

We have a pair of Doves that since in a tree in our back garden. :)
No_Newz said…
Cute pictures! I also like doves, but mostly because they eat all the crap the other birds drop from the feeders. Meaning, I don't have a bunch of weird bird seed plants growing in my yard. Yay doves!!
srp said…
The blue jay is the hardest bird I've found to capture on film. They just don't sit any where for very long! Hope you get to feeling better... really soon!
Hope your weekend was better than your week, Dave.....Hope you are feeling a great deal better...! Just posted some more flowers from a different plant in my garden....When you wake up come on over and take a look!
SassyAssy said…
So Utenzi...did you get plenty of rest and fluids this weekend? I think you must be passing cyber-germs along these blogs because my throat is a little scratchy this Monday morning. Thank god no hallucinations though--my weekend memories are quite vivid and most definitely real.
nancy said…
Great photos! I love Doves.
Deana said…
Great shots. I enjoy the doves. I had about 48 at one time and didn't enjoy that at all but I cut back on ground food and now I have about 10 again. I can live with 10.

So sorry you have been so sick! Glad you are feeling better and hopefully you will be 100% soon!

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