When do I die?

According to the site Find Your Fate, I'm going to die in 2049.

Despite their lovely questionnaire I think they have this wrong. I can't see my bod lasting much beyond 2022. If I do make it to 2049 it'll be a miserable existence. Too much stuff is breaking down now for me to have much left when I'm in my late 80s!

Right now I'm having some problems with an eye infection, my shoulder hurts, and both knees ache in the cold. And then there's that IBS stuff. This isn't the body of someone that'll nearly make it to 90.

According to the site:

Your Armageddon's day is 0 NaN 2049

Supposedly I have 15,335 days, 1 hour and 18 minutes left. Give or take a bit.

How long did the site give you to live--and do you want to stretch it out that far?


Nancy said…
I got 2058. Which would make me 91 when I cross over.

Thats ok, I plan on living for a long time.
Anonymous said…
My date is Oct. 1, 2043. I would be 83. That sounds about right. Anything longer than that would be out staying my welcome.
TAS1960 said…
I'm going to live until 2051. I don't think so... I was hoping for 2030.
mariamusic said…
Mine turned out to be Feb 24, 2056.

So, it makes me to live till I'm 85 years old. not too bad! I'm impressed.
Utopia said…
scrappintwinmom said…
Your Armageddon's day is Oct -3 2063.

If its right, I'd be pretty happy with that. Here via Michele.
colleen said…
80 isn't that old. I don't even want to look at it though. I might subconsciously take it serious. Michele sent me by.
LOL, LOL, LOL...Well, they don't even have my date on there!! I guess they think I am dead already! That cheered me up consdierably Dave...Thanks A Lot!
Yaeli said…
I am apparently going to die on march 15 2065, which will take me well into my 90's! I dunno if I want to live that long. I'd like to go before my body falls apart. :o)
utenzi said…
It seems like this site is very optimistic. It has pretty much everyone living well beyond the statistical average. Odd though that Naomi, the only person that's commented so far that is older than that average age, didn't have a date for her. I detect a sour note of agism there!
kenju said…
July 23, 2031 for me - 8843 days.

That will make me 90! I only want to live that long if I can retain my mind and the use of my body.
carli said…
84? I doubt that seriously.
Besides, last week's USA Today said that the typical life span for someone with a serious mental illness was 51. And Lana Kaufman's Ouji Board told me I'd live to be 60 when I was in 6th grade. Who do I believe?

Also, I'm snitching on you to Mark Parisi.
Noi said…
Hi Utenzi..my armageddon day is march 2070..that means that I get to live a long life..but all that aint of use if I do not do any significant while I am young.

You are right..I wouldnt want to live too long and burden my kids with an old me to take care of. Haha!
Deana said…
I don't even want to know.

Everyone that reads my palm tells me I have a long life line but the end of the line shows I am weak and bed ridden. Great! Everyone looks forward to lying and wasting away in a nursing home for years on end!
Thumper said…
I'm kicking the bucket on August 12, 2050. Sheesh, I can't even hang around a couple of weeks to my birthday?
Liz said…
Feb 5, 2056 for me. I have 17805 days, 19 hours, 36 minutes, 50 seconds left.
Janet said…
Your Armageddon's day is Oct 18 2046

Time remaining: 14407 days, 0 hours, 28 minutes, 40, 39, 38, 37 seconds!

That makes me 89 when I pass.

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