television roundup

Just some notes on what I've been watching this past week.

Last week's Heroes disappointed me so I was thinking the show might have started a decline. I'm glad to say that I really liked this week's show. The plot twist at the 45 minute mark was quite a shock to me. I didn't see it coming. While nothing huge happened in this episode it was very effective in setting up the plot line for the last 3 episodes. I expect that I'll really enjoy the way the show finishes the season. I just hope they don't leave too much on the plate for next season. That's why I stopped watching Lost 2 years ago. Too much prep and too little delivery.

I was disappointed in how Sunday's The Amazing Race ended. I was really hoping that Danny and Oswald would make it to the end. On the other hand, there's really none of the teams left that I strongly dislike. I was a little surprised by Oswald calling Charla and Mirna a "class act" and endorcing them for the win. I find them self-ritious and annoying. Maybe they're a lot nicer than they seem on the show. Since they're editing down a day or two of activity into a 40 minute show the editors can really change the impression a team makes by picking and choosing what to air.

I haven't started watching the 6th season of 24. I've been watching the back seasons first. Right now I'm around the half way point of Season 5 and it seems like the best written one so far. As soon as Season 5 ends--around mid-May--I'll start watching the shows of Season 6 that I've been recording. I can't believe that I waited until this year to finally watch 24. It's such a great show!


Anonymous said…
Hmm, Heros is another show that I haven't been watching (besides Lost). It was a bit too gory to watch with my daughter. I just started watching the last few episodes of AR - everyone gets pretty obnoxious at this point in the game, don't they?
Janet said…
This last week's episode of Lost was totally amazing!

Heroes was great, too, and I didn't see that coming either.

This season of 24 is the weakest so least in my opinion lol, altho this week's episode stepped it up a notch!

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