The Month of May

I bended unto me a Bough
by Thomas Edward Brown

I bended unto me a bough of May,
That I might see and smell:
It bore it in a sort of way,
It bore it very well.
But, when I let it backward sway,
Then it were hard to tell
With what a toss, with what a swing,
The dainty thing
Resumed its proper level,
And sent me to the devil.
I know it did--you doubt it?
I turned, and saw them whispering about it.

I don't know about you but I have emotional responses to months. They're generalized and somewhat effuse so like I associate February with being cold and not a good month to do anything risky. April is a so-so month which I associate with flowers starting to bloom. May, perhaps because my birthday is in it and so during my childhood was a month to look forward to, I associate with positive things and the coming of warmth (where I grew up usually still had some snow in early May).

This year is different though. April was a very good month for me. May's not doing so well. I received a birthday present of sorts the other night that just didn't work well and the stock market has been a disaster for me. Down almost 30% for the month. Down 100% in the b'day present thing, or so it seems. The percentages are killing me. I definitely think I like April more than May these days.

Yep. May sucks.


kenju said…
Which day is your birthday, Dave? I hope you have/had a good one, despite the market and a poor present. At least you can say we have had good weather!
Dara said…
hey, there's still a few weeks left for may to redeem herself in your eyes! michele says hi.
mariamusic said…
yes, May does suck! and I'm haging in there!
panthergirl said…
Aww... but Happy Birthday anyway, and May is almost over. ;)
Nancy said…
Sorry, you are having a hard time.

When is your bday? Hoping you get what you want soon. Maybe you need to treat yourself.

KizzyKim said…
Thanks for the comments!

Sawyer IS very nice (she's my girlfriend...tee hee).

Great blog, I'll definitely be back!
utenzi said…
Thanks, Nancy. The b'day thing was last Thursday. I tend not to mention that sort of thing until afterwards.

Kim, talk about a plot twist. I didn't envision that at all! I'd say that you have very good taste!
KizzyKim said…
Haha! Most people don't forsee that, so don't beat yourself up, dear!

Keep the comments a-rollin!
Anonymous said…
The stock market will rise and your life will get better. Actually it sounds like your life is pretty good, and except for a lack of critical arguments - mine is, too. Lovely poem.
Deana said…
Happy Belated Birthday...sorry May is sucking. June is always a great month. No more following school buses down the road if nothing else! I like May but my allergies think it is my worst month. Sorry about the stock drop!
Anonymous said…
Oh dear, there's always June. Happy Birthday anyway. Birthday's are always a good thing.

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