Girls get the lime

So what's up here?

I've never liked Coca-cola and have always preferred Pepsi (and when I was a kid I liked Dr Pepper and Mr Pibb). That changed when they brought out Lime Coke. I love that stuff. Lime Pepsi, on the other hand, tastes like cat piss! Nasty!

Imagine my disappoiontment then when Coca-cola pulled Lime Coke off the market around 6 months ago. They're evil! But Diet Coke with Lime is still on the market. What gives? Only girls get the good stuff? LOL

I actually bought a 12 pack of the diet Coke with Lime this week just to see if I liked the taste of it. How can people drink this diet stuff? Not only does it taste bad, but it makes you thirstier after you drink it than you were before. What's the sense in that?!?!

I guess I'll be sticking to Pepsi.

BTW, in case you're interested, I found a few recipes for Coca-cola on Wiki. Here's the first of the three that they list there:

=== Recipe 1 ===

* Ingredients:

**1 ounce caffeine citrate
** 3 oz citric acid
** 1 fluid ounce extract vanilla
** 1 quart lime (fruit) juice
** 2½ oz flavoring
** 30 lb (14 kg) sugar
** 4 fl oz fluid extract of coca (decocainized flavor essence of the coca leaf)
** 2½ gallon water
** Caramel sufficient

* Flavoring:

** 80 Oil Orange (fruit
** 40 Oil cinnamon
** 120 Oil lemon
** 20 Oil coriander
** 40 Oil nutmeg
** 40 Oil neroli
** 1 qt ethanol

* Directions:

**"Mix caffeine acid and lime juice in 1 quart boiling water add vanilla and flavoring when cool. Let stand for 24 hours."

This recipe does not specify when sugar, coca, caramel or the rest of the water are added.

Source: Mark Pendergrast. ''For God, Country, and Coca-Cola: The Definitive History of the Great American Soft Drink and the Company That Makes It.'' New York: Basic Books, 2000. ISBN 0-465-05468-4.


kenju said…
Dave, I drink Diet Caffeine Free Coke. Pepsi tastes like perfume would, to me. I like stuff with lime, but they will have to bring it out in caffeine-free form for me to drink it.

I like diet soda; real Coke is so sweet it nearly curls my toes. Funny thing is, I like sweet tea (really sweet tea).
rennratt said…
I felt the same way about Vanilla Coke.

I got addicted, then they pulled the plug.

Now I just buy Sugar Free Vanilla Coffee Syrup, and splash a bit into my coke when I open it.

Maybe you could do the same with lime juice - or a fresh lime? (I don't know if it would taste the same, sorry.)

For the record, I HATE diet drinks. And I am a girl. :)
Anonymous said…
Well, I guess if it sells then they'll sell it. Otherwise, off the shelf it goes. I despise diet soda, gag! However, diet Dr. Pepper is okay. I could drink a can of that. Don't get that diet cherry vanilla stuff though - nasty!
I'm really not a soda drinker, which is probably a good thing, but if I had to drink soda it would be 7up, Sprite, and Sierra Mist. I don't really like any other soda than the clear sodas.

However, Coke with Lime sounds good to me. It sucks that they pulled the plug on a product that you enjoyed. I'm sure that there are other people the liked it too.
srp said…
I never saw the regular Coke with Lime in the stores here... always saw the diet. Perhaps they were just trying it out. I remember when they tried the Vanilla Coke in some areas.
You are probably too young to remember going to the drive in Sonic or other chain and ordering a Coke with cherry or vanilla or what ever flavor you wanted. I miss those days.
Noi Rocker said…
I hate them both! Actually I hate all gassy drinks...its eats into your bone you can try putting pepsi/coca cola into the toilet bowl..will take away all stains!
mariamusic said…
Loved this post.

I like lime and lemons in almost anything but coffee! :-)
Add to this the fact that aspartame (nutrasweet) makes you crave carbs (ummmmmm isn't that defeating the purpose?) and causes brain tumors. I think I'll stick with sugar.. thanks. I'll put my own lime in :-)
Deana said…
I never touch Diet Drinks...they lie. Diet sodas give you a tummy because of all the sodium. I just had to give it all up. I love Coke but that recipe and the thoughts of it eating out my stomach help me stay away from it. Not to mention the bladder issues. Though there is nothing quite like popping the top on an ice cold Coke and letting it fizzle down...once in a blue moon, that is a treat for me!

My dad had to give up Dr Pepper years ago because he got really sick and it had eaten the inner lining from his stomach wall. He would drink 3 a day at least for 20 years probably. Now he is a Sprite man.....I just can't get him to rely on water!

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